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Hello, i am Brendan Sponge.

I have noticed that i am constantly bombared with a wide range of data, much of which is termed "art". Television shows, Britney Spears albums, mass produced lagers -- somebody somewhere is referring to this as their "art".

Which is all fine and dandy with me. You wanna call it your "art". Fine. Then i will critique, as is the role of the Sponge in society

And that is the purpose of this site. I and my many mindless minions have built this site to tell you, the discerning Web User, what to do with your life. And before you ask, yes, there is some mind control imbedded in the site -- hey, Evil Sponge's gotta get their minions somewhere! But ask yourself this, would you rather have your mind controlled by an Evil Sponge, or by a faceless corporate bureaucrat?

I thought so! Read up, Future Minions!

The Minions have opinions on a wide range of subjects. However, the bulk of their effort is directed at that most ubiquitous of arts, music. Their are other reviews, as Minions form opinions thereon.

If you require a context within which to frame our Critque Methodology, then you might want to read our Mission Statement. Also, i am firm believer in the personal relevance of Reviewers, that is, that the critiques that are going to be the most meaningful to you, The Reader, are those made by individuals with which you relate on some level. Therefore, you might want to read up on my various Minions.

However, this website is not just about us telling you things. If you can think of ways that we can improve this site, making it more relevant for you, The Reader, then leave us a message. Here at EvilSponge.org, we are all about Customer Service.

Alternatively, if you read a review and want to tell a Minion that a posted review is terribly incorrect, feel free to do that as well.

You can do all of this in our handy Guest Book.

Okay, now get reading! I'm not gaining any control over your mind with you just siting there, so get to work! What, do you want me to do everything? You're the one with a spinal column, and, i might add, the opposable thumb. So use that mouse!


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