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A Brief History of the Project:

Project Skyward are a new band. They have existed since 2002, and there is very little information about them available on the web. This page is a brief attempt to rectify that situation.

Here is what is known about Project Skyward. They are a 3 piece from New York City that is going the DIY route (self-releasing their records) with a sound that fuses shoegazery guitars and fuzzy vocals with the synths and drujm machine beats of the electronic music scene.

They are, in a sense, an electro-shoegaze fusion band.

Who's In the Project:
Current Members:
  Lana Fia: vocals, keyboards
Ray Santiago: guitar
Ryan Skyward: vocals, guitar, programing
Past Members:
  none known  
To Learn More:
Artist Page:  
Label Page:
  Since they are self-released, their page is the label page.  
Fan Page:
MP3 page:  
      Continue to the Project Skyward Evaluated Discography.  


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