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A Brief History of the Plan:

The Dismemberment Plan came out of Washington DC in the mid 1990's. Their music is typified by complicated rhythms, quirky vocals, and odd sounds coming out of keyboards.

They have toured the country extensively and are often referred to as one of the best "Emo" bands in the country. Please note -- i live in the South, and we don't use that term here. It is a Midwestern term, and i mention it here only to provide a sort of context. I would call The Plan a post-punk pop band. Either way.

The Plan first came to my attention in 1999, when they began touring in support of their third album Emergency & I. Everyone who went and saw them raved about how great they were in concert, and how wonderful this album was.

In fact, at the end of the year you couldn't (virtually) spit on the Internet without hitting a music site that rated Emergency & I one of the top albums of the year.

Tracers broke down and bought the disc, and then she too began ranting about how great it is.

So when the tour stopped through Atlanta, she and i went to the show.

All i gotta say is, in this one case, BELIEVE THE HYPE.

The Plan are an amazing live band. Their songs are quirky, but ultimately danceable, and very energetic and fun. Do yourself a favor and see them if they come to your burg.

Who's In the Plan:
Current Members:
  Eric Axelson
Jason Caddell
Joe Easley
Travis Morrison
Past Members:
  Steve Cummings  
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