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  AMERICAN DREAM w/ Casionova, The Close, and The Rock*A*teens  
  The Earl and The Echo Lounge  
  East Atlanta, GA  
Reviewed by:
  PostLibyan and Tracers  
Performance Rating:
Sound Quality:
Overall Rating:

Local label Moodswing Records presented a night at The Earl with three and a half of their bands. The band and a half is the combination of American Dream and Casionova. Later that night, The Rock*A*Teens played down the street at The Echo Lounge.

Postlibyan: American Dream are an interesting local band that combine cello and harp with distorted guitar, drums, piano, and voice to great effect. They create an amazingly rich textured sound that just amazes me. Casionova is another project involving vocalist/guitarist David Railley. This only counts as a band and a half, since the two acts were sharing one slightly elongated set.

The American Dream incarnation started things off. They played their usual competent set full of wonderful melodic interplay between harp, piano, and guitar, with bass rhythm carried on the cello.

Tracers: I think I fell totally in love with American Dream tonight -- it was the third song they played that did it. Also, did you notice the harpist/keyboardist was very very ill? She was coughing and looked feverish -- and you couldn't tell from her playing.

Postlibyan: Hmmm.... i did not notice that. I did notice some "parental types" sitting next to the sound board -- maybe she was just nervous at playing for mom and dad. I bet they were thinking "we paid a buttload of money for that harp -- at least she is using it!" I dunno -- that's what i gathered of the situation. However, whatever the case she played well as per usual.

Casionova were up next. A quick two minute set change -- switch out the drummer, lose the cellist, stomp on a few more distortion pedals and there you go. Interestingly enough, the bassist in Casionova (who also played with American Dream) is also in Atlanta noise act, Bob.

Tracers: With a different mix, Casionova could have a very My Bloody Valentine thing going. I also really like their instrumental stuff. It has a nice rock drone feel.

Postlibyan: That's what i noticed about them as well -- a lot of guitar texture (no, i mean A LOT) and noise creating a real nice wall of sound, with very little vocals to get in the way of the drone. Ah yes -- that's the way i like it!

Tracers: I am totally impressed with both of David Railey's bands. I think I'll have to continue checking them out.

Postlibyan: Well, Mr. Railey did point out that Casionova rarely performs because of an out-of-town life for the drummer, so who knows when we will be able to see them again. I hope soon, but i figure there will be another American Dream performance before then. Not that i'm complaining about that at all -- American Dream continues to impress me with their intereting mix of sounds. I am impressed with this show because:

  1. The keyboardist/harpist did seem distracted (either through illness or parent-induced nervousness) and yet she still played professionally and well. I just love the sound she gets out of that harp!
  2. The sound was great: even after the cellist's drunk friends hassled the soundguy into turning her up far higher than need be, it still sounded great.
  3. David Railey remained cool and calm even while being physically threatened by one of the afore-mentioned drunk friends.

On the whole, both bands played well.

After that, Tracers headed down to The Echo, and i, Postlibyan, remained the sole Minion at the remainder of the Moodswing shindig. Well, for about an hour i guess. You see, i was sick (for the first time in years -- darn the flu virus!), so i started falling asleep on my barstool (and this without touching alcohol!) around halfway through the set for The Close.

Which is not to say that The Close were boring, it is instead to say that the flu virus is evil (in a non-Spongelike way of course). Anyway, i had never seen The Close before, and they are a rock band. Something about them reminded me of the 80's, i think it was the bassists "i wanna be Peter Hook so i'm gonna flail all over the place and really drive the songs along" way of playing. Good. Entertaining. Not good or entertaining enough to keep me there though. I would like to see them again under better circumstances.

And there was another band at The Earl after them: Chocolate Kiss. I have never even heard of them, so i guess i will have to wait and see if they are, in fact, the funk band of my nightmares, or something else entirely. (You see, that name -- Chocolate Kiss -- just calls to my mind thick bass rhythms, George Clinton worshippers, etc. I could be wrong, buy that's the image i get from the name, and it scares me! And the name is all i know.)

Anyway, how were The RATs Tracers?

Tracers: Well, i got to the Echo around 11:30, to find that The Rock*A*Teens were setting up -- and took the stage as I got to the front!

Postlibyan: What?!?! A show at The Echo that gets started before 1 AM. I don't believe it!

Tracers: Nope, it's true. I totally missed openers The Gossip. Oh well. Anyway, it was one of *those* RATs show -- singer Chris Lopez was too drunk to focus, so he kept flinging guitars, mic stands, microphones, and beer. He was also drunk enough to sing Don't Destory This Night sans guitar as this amazing ballad. Great show -- they did Bloodhound, and Stardust 680 AM (wow!), and Hwy R (Malimus's fav song off the new album). I'd never heard any of those three live.

For me, American Dream/Casionova + Rock*A*Teens = 7 sponge evening.

Postlibyan: Hmmm, well, my ratings are listed above. I liked all that i heard, but that durn disease was bearing down on me too much for me to stay out and play. There will be other nights!

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