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  EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY w/ Zykos and The Silent Kids  
  The EARL  
  East Atlanta, GA  
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We got a late start this evening, so when Sparklehonkey and i arrived at the crowded EARL at 10:15, Atlanta's The Silent Kids were playing. Apparently we missed the first half of their set. Please note that i am not complaining here. I am all for earlier start times for shows. I just need to make sure to run on time...

Anyway, i end up seeing The Silent Kids every few months, and i must say their music is becoming catchier and poppier as they continue to play out. Tonight was no exception, as they played a set of toe-tapping tunes that really seemed to get the crowd going. Two songs stood out, the first of which was introduced as a Gram Parsons cover and was sung with a hint of twang in the voice. During this tune, the keyboardist fiddled with a laptop and played random percussion instruments (including cowbell!). This actually worked really well, blending the country feel with a slightly electronica element. The second standout was also the last song of their set and featured the guitarist/vocalist and the bassist switching positions. There were lots of weird electronica sounds coming from the laptop, as the keyboardist mostly stood their sipping her PBR and watching "the boys" rock out. And rock out they did, ending the song with a nice, pedal heavy guitar freak-out. This really reminded me of the one time i saw Space Crime Quintet years ago, not just because of the similar sound, but also because the bassist in The Silent Kids (who was playing guitar on this song) was also the frontman of that other group. Fun.

After a very short intermission, the middle act took the stage. Zykos are a 5-piece from Austin, TX, consisting of keyboards, two guitars, bass and drums. Although, really, the one guitarist spent more time singing than playing his guitar, which is fine, especially seeing as he really emoted up there on stage. He was shaking and flailing his arms around. Vocally, he reminded me very slightly of Paul Westerberg, or the early work of Eric Bachman in Archers of Loaf. Overall Zykos are a pop-band with nice piano melodies. Their sound was sparse -- the guitarist(s) didn't insist on playing too many notes, and the rhythm was subtle. I can't really compare them to any band, although there were hints of dozens of pop acts in their set. They combined all of their influences in a way that seemed fresh and exciting. I really enjoyed their set, and would recommend their live show.

By this point in time The EARL was insanely packed, and, when i came back from the front bar with our draught beers (when are they going to install taps in the music room?), there was a sign on the door saying the show was Sold Out. Sold out! At the EARL! Weird. Apparently Explosions in the Sky really bring out the kids. So the place was packed, and it was an odd crowd. There were hippies and math rockers and indie rockers, all packed in together and sweating. It was a young crowd too. I suppose that EitS have been getting good radio play on Album 88, thus bringing out the college age crowd.

The band went on at midnight, and played on a poorly lit stage. I really couldn't see too much of the actual band, since apparently their average fan is taller than me. However, they sounded really good. They play a standard post-rock fair, which is heavy on the guitars and on rhythm and sonic dynamic shifts. Basically, they are a Mogwai-damaged band. It was good, but nothing seemed that noteworthy to me, nothing raised them from the general mass of such bands (see also: Gwei-lo, Maserati, The Mercury Program, Mogwai, Paik, etc.) However, the crowd really got into the show. Well, as into it as you can get at a post-rock show, which basically means that almost everyone in the crowd stood with their arms crossed, nodding their head in time to the rhythms (Brendan's Note: isn't this the definition of post-rock? Everyone stands there like a postů). It was really weird to see a sea of heads bobbing in time to the music.

After an hour, the band left the stage, and the crowd cheered for an encore. One member came out to the mic, and said, "Thanks, we really appreciate it. But we're pooped. We've been on tour too long. But we'll be back...." And then he left, presumably to go backstage and collapse. That was an odd admission from a touring band, but i for one really appreciated them taking the time out to explain why there would not be an encore. It also put the show into a different perspective. That is, i enjoyed their set even though i can think of a dozen bands that could put on a show just like it. However, if the band were physically and mentally exhausted and still played very competently, i wonder what type of show they would put on if they were well-rested?

At any rate, this was a fun night. A little hot, sweaty, and crowded inside The EARL, but still fun. I would go see any of these acts again, hopefully after they have had a full night's sleep.

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