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  Atlanta Symphony Hall  
  Midtown Atlanta, GA  
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Hailing from Boston, The Klezmer Conservatory Band gave its annual Chanukah concert in Atlanta a few weeks after Chanukah was over. Oyf tsleuchis. Nonetheless, diehard Klezmer fans and much of the older Jewish community came out to celebrate their Yiddishkayt. And wouldnít you know there were even a few goyim in the audience! I wonít tell you the whole megillah, but let me give you the highlights.

Having received my tickets to the show as a gift, I didnít know what to expect at this show. However, I quickly learned that The Klezmer Conservatory Band is both a musical group and an educational enterprise. Throughout the show, the players would explain the histories and stories of the songs for the shmendriks among us (myself included) because most of the songs were in mame-loshin. The older folks in the audience were having a wonderful time singing along and tapping their feet. It was balagan! At one point, the singer even led the audience in dancing circles around the main orchestra. (I am too much of a schlemiel for that!)

The music was very high quality, and the spirit was infectious. The musicians were incredibly talented, and the singer was quite the badhkin. In fact, the only thing I can kvetch about is that they were a little too polished. I bought one of their CDs, Oy Chanukah, and it was too much like the concert. Fun for the holiday, but canned nonetheless.

I would highly recommend this annual cultural event to anyone who enjoys good, clean fun with people of different age groups and backgrounds. Youíd be meshuganah if you didnít have a fantastic time. And it would be a real mitzvah to bring your zayde, too! I havenít had this much fun since I last saw Mazel Tov Cocktail. (Whatever happened to them anyway?) I hope you enjoyed this little review. If you didnít, kush meer in toches! And if youíve followed anything herein, mazel tov! Youíre a real mensch!

Brendan's disclaimer:
  Please note that my spell-checker can't handle all this Yiddish, and i am unfamiliar with it myself. Therefore, we are trusting The Priestess's spelling. If the language has been butchered, blame her.  
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