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THE LIVERHEARTS W/ Motherfucker, Vincas, and SWOTS

  The EARL  
  East Atlanta, GA  
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Anyone who has read this site regularly over the past several years (Brendanís Note: Such people exist???) might have noticed a drastic slowdown in the amount of concert reviews that we have been posting. Well, the reasons are complicated, but suffice it to say that i haven't been going to a lot of concerts lately. This kind of bothered me, and so i resolved that in 2015 i was going to get out to see more local music. This is my first show in a while, and it was good to get back into the swing of things.

Some random setting on my camera got this cool negative image.

First up was SWOTS, a local five-piece act. As they set up, i was expecting some kind of metal band. The guitarist was wearing a Venom t-shirt that had a pentagram on it. The bassist had short hair and tattoos covering his arms. The drummer was the former drummer of Rizzudo.

And then they started to play old school punk. Not the Green Day or hardcore stuff, go back further in punk history. This was music that was a little noisy with lots of guitars but still had a sense of melody. This was a band that has listened to The Clash and Joy Division, and i approve of that.

The only thing that seemed a little odd was the vocalist, who just sang. He had no instrument, and at times his voice was buried in the mix, and at other times he would wail over the music. He really did a good job. However, well, it seems as if he has not been doing this for very long, because he seemed really awkward up there on the stage. He would stand still and stare straight ahead and sing, then he would start swinging his arms or dancing along for a bit, then he would get self-conscious and stop to stare straight ahead again. Look, dude, i know that standing on a stage and singing at people is a little nerve wracking, but you did a fine job. Just relax.

Or drink. That works too...

Overall, good stuff. Both Tracers and i were impressed.

Up next was the first of two bands from Athens, Vincas.

This was a power trio who played old school post-punk. The music was noisy yet precise. Sonically they kind of reminded me of Blonde Redhead, except that the guy who sang sounds nothing at all like Kazu Makino.

This was intense music, the band basically riffing through their set with nary a stop or a pause.

Again, not bad at all.

Then we got what Tracers told me was Georgia's latest buzz band: Motherfucker. I have never even heard of this band, that is how out of the loop i am! They are an Athenian three piece consisting of very short women.

(Seriously -- singer/guitarist Erica Strout stood next to Tracers, and was shorter than her. And Tracers prides herself on being short! Tiny band...

But, they rocked. Not punk rock, not metal, just rock. I think there was a little bit of Dinosaur Jr. in there, which is great.

They really got the crowd going, and seeing them play i can see now why they have been gathering a lot of attention. All three of them are really good musicians.

I was particularly impressed with the drumming of Erika Rickson, who kept looking like she was going to fling her glasses off as she pounded that kit.

But the whole band was great, and their set was energetic and powerful. They crowd danced and i think a few people even sang along. Really good. I expect them to go far. They have a great sound and put on an energetic show.

Then, finally, at about midnight (on a work night i might add!) The Liverhearts took the stage. I have seen this band many times, and they are currently a three-piece. I think they have had the same lineup for a while now. Whatever.

They played a short set -- about as long as Motherfucker. It was a short set, but good in that typical Liverhearts way. They make angular post-punk that has a hint of math rock in it.

And tonight they played a new song! It has been a while (six years) since they released anything. I know those songs by heart, even if could not tell you the titles. Well, the new song is not that different -- it maintains the same high quality we have grown to expect from this band. New songs are good news!

Overall, this was a great night. It was good to get out and back seeing local acts. I think we got lucky in that all four of them were worthwhile.



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