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  East Atlanta, GA  
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In an attempt to try and burn off all that turkey, we headed out to 529 club the day after Thanksgiving to see local electropop act Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun. Actually, we also wanted to see Athenian Britpop act Spring Tigers, but they ended up cancelling. Now, i have ranted before about how 529 management doesn't believe in letting the people in the bar know about any changes to the schedule, and here they did it again. It was a little after 11 PM before the first band even took the stage, and since i was thinking that they were 1 of 3, i feared that i would not be able to stay awake long enough to see the headliner.

The opener, New Terminus, are a four-piece act that played a sort of post-grunge pop.

The music that they were playing took me back 1996 or so, and i bet they would have had radio hits in that era. The songs were a little jammy, with occasional short solos, but the songs were also rather catchy.

The vocalist of New Terminus did play his guitar through this!
Whosoever shall play of this pedal shall have eternal life...

As they wrapped up their 40 minute set, they told us that TTM,TTS were up immediately after them, leaving the crowd to guess that Spring Tigers had cancelled for whatever reason. I mean, seriously 529 people -- would it kill you to say something over the sound system about them cancelling? I don't like being left in the dark about what is going on.

So, TTM,TTS played next, going on a little after midnight. It had been a while since i saw this band, and i was curious to see how they have progressed. Well, the club was filled when the band went on, and they simply tore into it.

This is pretty typical of the show -- the band members never stood still at all.

I remember them being a pop act with keyboards and some laptop flourishes. Instead, they are now playing a hard-edged electroclash, the two female vocalists wailing away while the drummer played an electronic kit in addition to a standard kit.

There was one part where the sticks were flying between the two kits and the guitarist was doing some heavy riffing, and for a minute it sounded like they were covering Setting Sun by The Chemical Brothers. At another point, the drummer was on the electronic kit, using drum samples that were clipped very short, while the bassist played some slippery beat, and here the band were pretty much doing dubstep, live.

Meanwhile, the crowd was going crazy. 529 was packed with dancing screaming people, as Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun played fast and loud. It was a really impressive performance. The band has gotten better over the years, and they are definitely on my "to watch for" list.

What the heck is up with her haircut these days?

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