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  THE WOGGLES w/ Catfight!  
  The Star Community Bar  
  Atlanta, GA  
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Choose your own concert-going experience, Atlanta style:
You've had a bad week at work and you need a break in order to listen to some live music. You

  1. Go to a local hangout in hopes that someone will sing Who Needs The Quik-E Mart? from The Simpsons
  2. Go to see a local band that you used to like quite alot, but have recently found somewhat repetitive and redundant
  3. Go to see a semi-local band that you've avoided ever since the time the lead singer slid up to you on his knees and asked you to dance
Doesn't matter which one you choose, you'll get all options. That is: you'll get all options if you're me and you're headed to The Star Bar (option A) to see the Woggles (option c) with Catfight! (option B) opening.

I've always had a soft spot for Catfight!. They're not particularly original and not particularly good, but they're always played with loads of energy....and the lyrics (about evil friends and bad boyfriends) struck a nerve in my younger days. But the last time I've saw them, I realized that they had played the same songs for years and the songs all sounded the same.

No matter that none of that changed....Maybe my mood's worse, or maybe I can appreciate a good angst fit, but despite the lack of new material I really enjoyed Catifght! opening set. I danced, I laughed, I bounced up and down (although I'm not sure I'd want to do it again and again). Not bad for a local girl garage rock band...

And then -- The Woggles. As I mentioned before, I've kinda avoided them ever since the "make a spectacle of Tracy" incident. But I'd heard they've become a lot more consitent in their live shows. And they always have lots of energy. If that's not a good recommendation, what it?

Anyway, The Woggles haven't changed their sound at all -- and the songs do have a certain sameness. However, you can't beat the energy of the band as they go through the material. And certainly the musicianship has improved over the years. And certainly the audience danced and bounced and partied on with the band.

But me? I'm thinking it was fun fluff -- a good distraction from a horrid work week but not anything to resonate beyond the bar and the late hour.

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