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  Moulin Rouge  
  Baz Luhrmann  
  Ewan McGregor, Nicole Kidman, John Leguizamo  
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This movie is FABULOUS!

Okay, so really, I need my former co-worker Darrick to say that out loud for it to carry it's real meaning. You've just got to get that certain intonation on "FABULOUS", if you see what I'm saying. An emphasis on the "FAB", then a little lilt on the "ulous".

You see, Moulin Rouge is the third queerest movie I've ever seen. Only Too Wang Fu and Priscilla, Queen of the Desert out-flame this movie, my friends. Strictly Ballroom comes in a close fourth, but I think Moulin Rouge edges it out on the basis the two Madonna songs, not to mention the primary place Elton John tunes play in the film.

But you don't have to be gay to enjoy this movie. Really. I promise. 'Cause I loved it.

Moulin Rouge is the story of, um, well, the Moulin Rouge, a turn of the century Parisian nightclub/theatre. No, the century before that turn of the century. Set in 1899/1900 in Paris' bohemian artist's ghetto, we get the story of Ewan McGregor's star-struck Christian, a British playwright fresh into town, and his falling for Satine, the queen of the cancan dancers (a dewy-eyed Nicole Kidman.) A cast of thousands (not really) sings and dances their way through the campiest love story you've ever seen. John Leguizamo plays a dwarf.

It's a hoot, really.

I'm not terribly astute at movie-critic banter, so I'm not going to try to fake my way through it now. Suffice it to say that I enjoyed my foray into the theatre today. And I hate musicals. I mean, I detest the form, let alone specific examples thereof, but this thing was just too much fun.

I'd give Moulin Rouge five sponges, but Mrs. Malimus tells me it's worth at least six. [For the record, Mrs. Malimus also didn't find this spectacular spectacle as overwhelmingly gay as Mr. Malimus did.] I'm going to go with her opinion for the official count. I'm not terribly difficult to sway in this regard. So, six sponges. And if you happen to be a friend of Mary, squeeze all of those sponges into shapes of little fairies, set all of them on fire, and drop a seventh flaming fairy in for good measure.

Straight or gay, find a date and take in this flick. It's a great time all around.

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