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Let's face it, when people the world over think "America" and "Culture" in the same thought, the next logical occurance is "Hollywood". Hollywood rules us like a bunch of serfs to their fruity overpaid West Coast Lordships.

"Of course m'lord. 'Tis a lovely film. And of course, sire, it's ART."

And that's it, isn't it? So many of the movies that come out are such bland crap. They are designed to keep people off the streets and out of trouble for two hours at a stretch, but rarely do anything more, like address pathos or human emotionality.

But who needs that crap when ya got car chases?

And besides, everyone says that French Films are full of pathos and the like. And yet, despite the fact that every French actress is required, by French Law, to be fully nude for at least 60 seconds of screen time per film, i still can't watch their crap! So maybe art in films is overrated? Who knows....

Anyway, here are some thoughts on some films that are written from the perspective of "Joe Six-Pack". That is, these are written as if by the Average American. To Mr. Six-Pack, entertainment is as valuable as a good story that makes you think. Keep that in mind as you read these reviews.


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