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Ah, 2001. A darned fine year to be a Sponge. Even without the monoliths....

Here you can see the developments as they occurred that year. Postings are listed in decreasing order, that is, the most recent are at the top.



What Happened?

THEY'RE HERE THEY'RE HERE! We know you have been waiting for our annual end of the year Best Of lists, and they are ready! Click here to read them.
     One thing i discovered as i processed the reviews of my various Minions, the self-titled debut album from Azure Ray was ranked as a best album by every Minion who ranked such things. Apparently, their form of slow female pop appeals to all people, from garage rock fans like Tracers, to indie rockers like Silvergeek, to pop/rock fans like Malimus, and even elctro-distortion fans like PostLibyan. It is a strange, and unsuspected, occurance.
     So congrats to Azure Ray.

New Reviews:
   Album: Grand Fury by The Bell Rays
   Album: Change by The Dismemberment Plan
   Album: Noon Under The Trees by The Rock*A*Teens
   Album: Underland by Miles Tilmann
   Album: Eight Balls in Reverse by Ultrababyfat
   Album: White Blood Cells by The White Stripes

New Reviews:
   Album: The Photo Album by Death Cab For Cutie
   Album: Happiness by Fridge
   Album: Why That Doesn't Surprise Me by The Lucksmiths
   Concert: THE YOUNG ANTIQUES w/ Sharks And Minnows and Dodd Terrell on Fri.9.Nov.01
   Concert: AMERICAN DREAM w/ Plug Spark Sanjay and Chocolate Kiss on Fri.9.Nov.01

New Reviews:
   Album: Apart by Mira
   Album: Double Figure by Plaid
   Concert: LANTERNA w/ Miles Tilmann on Fri.28.Sep.01

New Reviews:
   EVENT: Here's To Shutting Up by Superchunk. Please note that Superchunk is a hugely significant band to The Minions, and this review examines the album in depth, song by song. It's a long review, so be patient in letting it load.
   Album: Idiology by Mouse On Mars
   EVENT: SUPERCHUNK w/ The Glands on Sat.27.Oct.01
   Concert: LOW w/ Fridge on Tue.23.Oct.01
   Concert: UNDERWATER w/ Azure Ray on Sat.30.Jun.01

New Reviews:
   Album: Calling the Public by 59 Times the Pain
   Album: Les Moyennes des Folklore by Haricort Vert
   Album: Today's Empires, Tomorrow's Ashes by Propaghandhi
   Album: Time (the Revelator) by Gillian Welch
   Concert: THE DEATHAY DAVIES w/ Centro-matic on Thu.20.Sep.01
    Film: Quills

It's here, at long last: EvilSponge.org version 3.0! A wide range of new features are now available, including:

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  • Functioning Guestbook
  • Lower in saturated fat

There will be a few more changes as we tweak and perfect this site in the next few months, so please bear with us loyal readers. Please, leave me a message in the Guest Book and let me know what you think.

New Reviews:
   Album: Beyond Good And Evil by The Cult
   Album: Les Bains Douches by Joy Division
   Album: Amnesiac by Radiohead
   Concert: MYSSOURI on Sat.21.Jul.01
   Concert: MYSSOURI w/ American Dream and Hubcap City on Sat.16.June.01
    Film: America's Sweethearts
    Film: The Chocolat review has been expanded.

New Reviews:
   Album: Satellite Rides by The Old 97's
   Band: an update to the Evaluated Discography for the band, Ida has been posted
   Concert: JACK LOGAN w/ The Possiblities on Sat.11.Aug.01
   Concert: THE PLASTIC PLAN w/ Potomac Accord and Chinaski on Sat.18.Aug.01
    Film: Ghost World
    Film: Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back

New Reviews:
   Album: Peel Session 2 by Autechre
   Album: Le Carillon by The Autumns
   Album: A Nice Life by stillife;gaijin
   Album: Collection by Thee Michelle Gun Elephant
   Concert: THE WHITE LIGHTS w/ Tijuana Hercules and American Dream on Sat.4.Aug.2001
    Film: Chocolat

New Reviews:
   Album: No Kill No Beep Beep by Q And Not U
   Concert: BOUBACAR TRAORE on Fri.6.July.2001
   Concert: THE DRIVE-BY TRUCKERS w/ Bully on Fri.20.July.2001
   Concert: THE ALBUM LEAF w/ Helms on Thu.26.July.2001
   Concert: THE DRIVE-BY TRUCKERS w/ Hick'ry Hawkins and Amy Pike and The Last Cold Beer on Fri.27.July.2001
   Film: Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within

New Reviews:
   Album: On Air by Pain
   Album: Old Ramon by Red House Painters
   Album: Roulette by Violet Indiana
   Concert: SMOG w/ Husky on Sat.9.July.2001
   Concert: MIRA w/ The Changelings and Tourmalin on Fri.20.July.2001

New Reviews:
   Album: Gold by Bethany Curve
   Album: Rock Action by Mogwai
   Album: Love At Absolute Zero by My Favorite
   Concert: HAYRIDE w/ Ceiling Fan on Sat.14.July.2001

New Reviews:
   Album: Standards by Tortoise
   Album: Consciousness by Windy And Carl
   Concert: MOGWAI w/ Bardo Pond on Tues.19.June.01
   Concert: RED HOUSE PAINTERS w/ Champale on Mon.25.June.01
   Film: Moulin Rouge

New Reviews:
   Album: The Violent Years by The Black Halos
   Album: City Under Siege by Plexorjet

New Reviews:
   Album: All Summer Long by Ashley Stove
   Album: Reveal by R.E.M.
   Concert: TORTOISE w/ Autechre and Nobukazu Takemura on Thu.24.May.2001
   Concert: SALOME'S WISH w/ Aphelion and Crybaby on Thu.31.May.2001

New Reviews:
   Concert: CROOKED FINGERS w/ Azure Ray on Sat.26.May.2001
   Concert: THE ESKIMOS w/ Greta Lee and The Dot Commies on Fri.25.May.2001

New Reviews:
   Album: Crybaby by Crybaby
   Album: Mass Romantic by The New Pornographers
   Concert: THE DISMEMBERMENT PLAN w/ Enon on Sun.20.May.2001
   Concert: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club on Wed.23.May.2001
    TV Movie: The Day After
    TV Show: VIP

New Reviews:
   Album: Home Is Where It Hurts by Hood
   Album: The Sky At Night by Love Tractor
   Album: Shoes And Rider by Shoes And Rider
   Concert: KELLY HOGAN w/ Glory Fountain on Fri.27.Apr.2001
   Concert: THE SUBSONICS w/ Ultrababyfat and The Motolitas on Sat.28.Apr.2001

New Reviews:
   Album: In An Off White Room by The Album Leaf

New Reviews:
   Album: Stag by Amy Ray
   Concert: ARAB STRAP w/ Japancakes on Sat.7.Apr.2001
   Concert: FLASH TO BANG TIME w/ Andy Browne and Crybaby on Fri.27.Apr.2001

New Reviews:
   Album: Auspicous Winds by Yume Bitsu
   Concert: SHARKS AND MINNOWS W/ American Dream and Ashen on Fri.20.Apr.2001
   Concert: SPLINT W/ Asanisomasa and C'est Morte on Sat.21.Apr.2001

New Reviews:
   Album: Azure Ray by Azure Ray
   Concert: METROSCENE w/ Myssouri and Golden Arm Trio on Sat.21.Apr.2001

New Reviews:
   Album: Let The War Against Music Begin by The Minus 5
   Album: Gung Ho by Patti Smith
   Album: Because We Hate You by The Young Fresh Fellows
   Concert: THE PSYCHEDELIC FURS w/ Pinfed on Sat.31.Mar.2001
   Concert: SHOES AND RIDER w/ Isobella on Mon.2.Apr.2001
   Concert: CANYON w/ Myssouri on Fri.6.Apr.2001
   Concert: THE ORB w/ Witchman and LX Patterson on Sat.14.Apr.2001

New Reviews:
   Album: Pelican by Bonnevill
   Album: Fixed::Content by Labradford
   Album: Newness Ends by The New Year
   Concert: THE ROCK*A*TEENS w/ Ashley Stove on Friday.30.March.2001

New Reviews:
   Album: Space, Melody, Purity by Datura Dream Deferred
   Album: The Fire Show by The Fire Show
   Album: Young American Primitive by Young American Primitive

New Reviews:
   Album: Furnace Songs by Myssouri
   Album: Denmark by The Ocean Blue
   Band: The Rock*A*Teens

New Reviews:
   Album: Injury Loves Melody by Diffuser
   Album: The Sleepy Strange by Japancakes

New Reviews:
   Album: Bring On The Snakes by Crooked Fingers
   Album: Rock Bottom by The Kiss Offs
   Album: This Is Not A Film by Underwater
   Concert: Jonathan Richman with The Subsonics on Friday.16.March.2001

New Reviews:
   Album: Gear Blues by Thee Michelle Gun Elephant
   Album:Cydonia by The Orb
   Album: Electric Waco Chair by The Waco BrothersRos
   Concert: Five-Eight and Big Fish Ensemble on Friday.2.March.2001
   Film: But I'm A Cheerleader

New Reviews:
   Album: Agaetis Byrjun by Sigur Ros
   Concert: Underwater, Automobil?, and Tourmalin on Friday.2.March.2001

New Reviews:
   Album: That's Not What I Heard By The Gossip
   Concert: Superchunk and Spoon on Friday.23.February.2001

Silvergeeks comments added to the WRAS 30th Anniversay Benefit concert.
New Reviews:
   Concert: Myssouri, Dropsonic, Adom, and Crybaby on Thursday.8.February.2001
   Concert: American Dream, Casionova, The Close, and The Rock*A*Teens on Friday.16.February.2001
   Film: Erin Brokovitch
   Film: Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?

Minion data added for Zythos the Beergod.
New Reviews:
   Album: In The Russet Gold Of This Vain Hour by The Autumns
   Album: Melody Of Certain Damaged Lemons by Blonde Redhead
   Concert: WRAS 30th Anniversay Benefit on Friday.19.January.2001
   Concert: Q And Not U and The Young Antiques on Saturday.3.February.2001

Minion data added for Brillo.
New Review:
   Album: Lost Souls by The Doves

New Reviews:
   Album: Noise Made By People by Broadcast
   Album: Oui by The Sea and Cake

New Reviews:
   Album: Cone of So by American Dream
   Album: Furnace Room Lullaby by Neko Case and Her Boyfriends
   Album: Julie, Etc. by Sharks and Minnows
   Album: All That You Can't Leave Behind by U2
   Album: Hurrah by Versus
   Concert: Drive-By Truckers on Sat.30.Dec.2000

New Reviews:
   Album: He Has Left Us Alone But Shafts Of Light Sometimes Grace The Corner Of Our Rooms by A Silver Mt. Zion
   Album: The Gap by Joan Of Arc
   Album: Song by Lullaby For The Working Class
   Album: Secret South by 16 Horsepower
   Album: Ghost Tropic by Songs: Ohia


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