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2007 was a decent year, i guess. A good year for music, at the very least.



What Happened?

Well, here it is: a brand new year. Some of My Minions have thoughtfully summed up the year 2007 for you, for your reading pleasure.
     Best Of Lists: Brett Spaceman lists 5 Disappointments: a cautionary tale of having high expectations.
     Best Of Lists: Indoor Miner lists albums, re-issues, singles, and gigs.
     Best Of Lists: Inspector Jason recites the names of 10 records that he liked in 2007.
     Best Of Lists: PostLibyan discusses the music of year in chronological terms.
     Best Of Lists: Tracers lists albums both past and present, and live events.

     Album: You, You're a History In Rust by Do Make Say Think
     Album: Darren Hayman & the Secondary Modern by Darren Hayman & the Secondary Modern
     Album: These Places Are Now Ruins by Last Days
     Year End Lists: What is that strange feeling in the air? Aside from rain here in Atlanta
                         (something that never happens anymore), you are sensing the hushed
                         expectation of thousands of indie rockers who await the annual "End of the
                         Year" lists. My Minions have been typing away furiously getting these ready
                         for you. Point your browser back here on the 1st to see what they have to
                         say about 2007.

     Album: Hermeneutics by Antennas to Heaven
     Album: Greed, Lust, and Cloning by Don Bodin
     Album: Spill Your Heart by The Dark Beaks
     Album: Trading Twilight for Daylight by Great Northern
     Album: The Ghost You Left Behind by Hearts of Black Science
     Album: They'll Come, They Come by Immanu El
     Album: From Above by Lunar Dunes
     Album: Luck & Accident by Kim Novak
     Album: Night of the Furies by The Rosebuds

     Album: Butterfly Radio by Avenpitch
     Concert: FILM SCHOOL w/ Eulogies and Parade on Fri.19.Oct.07
     Concert: SERJ TANKIAN w/ Tom Morello on Sat.20.Oct.07
     Concert: ROBBERS ON HIGH STREET w/ Great Northern and Today the Moon, Tomorrow
                  the Sun
on Fri.27.Oct.07
     Concert: SAY HI w/ The Velvet Teen and The A-Sides on Sat.28.Nov.07

     Album: Dream On by Celestial
     Album: Transparent Things by Fujiya + Miyagi
     Album: Get the Guests by The High Strung
     Album: Tanks and Recognizer by Lights Out Asia
     Album: Everything You Should Know by Silence Is Sexy

     Addition: Some photos of the Marc Bolan Tribute gig have been added to that review.

     Album: Velocity by Damage
     Album: Dividing Opinons by Giardini di Miro
     Album: Marble! by Marble!
     Album: Silhouettes by My Orchard
     Album: Let's Dance To Our Own Beats by The Soft Eyes
     EP: Beat the Devil by Beat the Devil
     Concert: Marc Bolan: A Celebration on Sat.15.Sep.07
     Concert: MACHINE HEAD w/ Arch Enemy, Sanctity, and Throwdown on Tue.18.Sep.07
     DVD: Hated, featuring G.G. Allin

     Festival: Other Sound Day 1 featuring: Envie, Mary O. Harrison, Pistolero, Moresight
     Festival: Other Sound Day 2 featuring: Fernandina, Citified, The Yum Yum Tree, The Press,
                 Lay Down Mains, All Night Drug Prowling Wolves

     Festival: Other Sound Day 3 featuring: No Disassemble, Silent Kids, Novelift, Jupiter Watts,
                The Orphins, One Hand Loves the Other, Club Awesome, Luigi

     Festival: Other Sound Day 4 featuring: Chickens and Pigs, Batata Doce, Tenth to the Moon,
                Untied States

     Album: Spiderman of the Rings by Dan Deacon
     Album: Airplanes by Dead Guitars
     Album: We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank by Modest Mouse
     EP: Whatever It's Going To Be by I Concur
     EP: What's Not To Love? by The Nightingales
     EP: Quicksand Memory by Ulrich Schnauss
     Compilation: All of Yesterday Tomorrow by AMP
     Concert: THE CINEMATICS w/ Carina Round and Tentonic on Sat.1.Sep.07
     Concert: AU REVOIR SIMONE w/ Oh No! Oh My! and Numbers on Mon.3.Sep.07

     12" EP: Gravity Has Expired by Ova Looven
     Album: This World Is On Fire by Elevado
     Album: Copia by Eluvium
     Album: One Hand Loves The Other by One Hand Loves The Other
     Concert: BISHOP ALLEN w/ +/-, Say Hi To Your Mom, and Parade on Sat.24.Mar.07
     Concert: JOHN DOE w/ Dead Rock West and A.M. on Sun.5.Aug.07

     Review/Interview Hybrid:  Painted Sky by Yellow6
You may have noticed that this posting is a repeat. It is not, I assure you. Eleven days ago I posted a review that consisted of two Minions discussing this release by Yellow6. On Thursday of this past week, Yellow6, Mr. Jon Attwood, wrote back with a reply to the points the Minions raised in their review. With his permission, I have integrated his responses into the review. This might allow you greater insight into the mind of a musician. Or maybe you just want to see if he can be as snarky as Brett Spaceman and PostLibyan. Either way, I think it makes for interesting reading. Enjoy.

     Festival:  Corndogorama 2007 Day 1 featuring: 63 Crayons, Parade, Rev Rebel, The Bon Vivants,
                  The Green Hit, Canada, "Mystery Band", Bad Magic Number, Magnapop, Luigi, and
                  Ancient Chinese Secret

     Festival:  Corndogorama 2007 Day 2 featuring: Mouser, Club Awesome, Slushco, The Orphins,
                  Elevado, Midwives, Judi Chicago, Spy For Hire, The Winter Sounds, Continue and
                  Save, The Preakness, Untied States, and Moresight

     Festival:  Corndogorama 2007 Day 3 featuring: Dang Dang Dang, Chickens and Pigs, Seraphix,
                  Moorish Idols, Tenth to the Moon, Dig Your Hole, Slackey Family Circus, The
                  Sudden Rays, Jupiter Watts, and The Forever War

     Album: Launch and Landing by The Lost Patrol
     Album: Painted Sky by Yellow6
     EP: Answer Me by Parade

     Album: Exit Decades by Cut City
     Album: Micalavera by Damiak
     Album: Humansize by Echo Is Your Love
     Album: Before We Could Sing by Ether Aura
     Album: Afraid To Dance by Port-Royal

     Album: Far From Refuge by God is An Astronaut
     Album: Jatun by Jatun
     Album: The Jupiter Watts by The Jupiter Watts
     Concert: TWO SHEDS RECORDS TENTH ANNIVERSARY SHOW featuring The Jupiter Watts,
                  The Silent Kids, Blake Rainey and His Demons, and An Epic At Best
on Sat.10.Feb.07

     Album: Carp by Carp
     Album: <.> by Showstar
     Album: Deranged Minds Unite by The Search
     Album: No Mans Land by SubtractiveLAD
     Concert: BIRD w/ Rescue Mission and Tiger! Tiger! on Fri.23.Mar.07
     Concert: THEE CRUCIALS w/ Bang! Bang! and Attractive Eighties Women on Fri.6.Apr.07
     Downloadable Album: Early Transmissions of... by Time. Space. Repeat.
     EP: The Big Black Cock of Death by Dressed In Wires

     At long last, it's here! Read all about the shenanigans at South by SouthWest 2007:
    Day 1 featuring Saturday Looks Good To Me, Minmae, Rahim, Tammany Hall Machine, Through the Sparks, Al G., Faceless Werewolves, Oxford Collapse, Kinski
    Day 2 featuring Headlights, Kaki King, The Stars of Track and Field, Chairs of Perception, Hummersqueal, Trances Arc, The Apostles of Hustle, The Dears, The Oohlas, The Horrors
    Day 3 featuring: You Am I, Airbourne, The Oohlas, Picastro, Saturday Looks Good To Me, Mistress Stephanie and Her Melodic Cat, Tijuana Hercules, The Faint
    Day 4 featuring Lee Scratch Perry, My Latest Novel, Field Music, Tilly and the Wall, The Pipettes, +/-, The High Strung

     Album: no.spectre by Arc Lab
     Album: Infinite Delay by Graboids
     Album: Sound Weave by Theta Naught and Alex Caldiero
     Album: Things Change While Helium Listen to Everyone by Your Ten Mofo
     Downloadable Compilation: Intelligent Toys 3, a various artists compilation from Sutemos.net
     EP: Kamehameha by Ponytail
     Patience: "Brendan," I hear you ask, "where is the review of South By Southwest 2007?" Patience, children. My Minions submitted over 20 single-spaced pages of commentary, and about 1 GB worth of photos. I am processing all of this data as rapidly as I can. Check back next week...

     Album: Headpixel Data by The Oslo Deadtrash Project
     Album: ... Until the World Is Beautiful by The Prids
     Concert: CASSAVETES w/ Sleep Therapy and Go Motion on Sat.10.Feb.07
     EP: Below Radar by Helen Stellar
     EP: E.P. by Pacific UV
     EP: The Romance of Young Tigers by The Romance of Young Tigers

     7": The Reputation of Ross Francis b/w Gunpowder, Treason and Plot by My Latest Novel
     Album: Movements by Black Tie Dynasty
     Album: We Can Do It by Confuse the Cat
     Album: Raising Your Voice ... Trying to Stop an Echo by Hammock
     Album: Ben Chantice by Monoland
     Album: Of Sinking Ships by Of Sinking Ships
     EP: Clouds by Slushco

     7": Split 7" by Parade and Aviator
     7" EP: II by Miracles of God
     Album: En Este Momento by Cordero
     Album: Your Children Will Placate You From Premature Graves by The Legendary Pink Dots
     Album: Time Is On My Side by Tobias Lilja
     Concert: SHELLAC w/ Uzeda on Tue.8.Aug.06

     7": No Reaction b/w No Reception by Saturday Looks Good to Me
     Album: I Conquered While Sill in the Egg by Julien Aklei
     Album: You Can Know Danger by At Dusk
     Album: Cities by Cities
     Album: Fiendish Freaky Love by Hot Young Priest
     Album: Writer's Block by Peter, Bjorn and John
     Album: Diarrhea by PPR
     Concert: MISSION OF BURMA w/ Some Soviet Station on Sat.13.Jan.07
     Concert: THE SELMANAIRES w/ The Nein and cassavetes on Sat.13.Jan.07
     Remix Collection: Variations by Cities

     7": Ticket to Immortality by The Dears
     Album: Pay Up Sucker by The Cogburns
     Album: In the Maybe World by Lisa Germano
     Album: To Where You Are by The High Violets
     Album: Wolves by My Latest Novel
     Album: The Search by The Search
     Album: Oceania, I Will Return by The Year Zero
     Best Of Lists: Brett Spaceman looks forward to 7 albums in 2007.
     Compilation: Bloodbathe & Bazaar of Lush Loose Limbs by The Search

Well, it is that time of year at which we music-types reflect back upon what we heard during the previous year. Here are the first batch of "Lists". Please note that this year we have a very special guest writer, Mr Colin Newman (of Wire and Githead) has shared his impressions of 2006 with us.
     Best Of Lists: Colin Newman gives musical thoughts, MySpace advice, and downloads.
     Best Of Lists: Indoor Miner lists albums, re-issues, singles, one gig and one DVD.
     Best Of Lists: Malimus recites the names of 20 records that he liked in 2006.
     Best Of Lists: PostLibyan lists albums, EPs, compilations, and shows.
     Best Of Lists: Tracers lists 11 musical pleasures.


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