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  All of Yesterday Tomorrow  
Release Date:
Reviewed by:
  Indoor Miner  

All Of Yesterday Tomorrow is a beautifully packaged 3 CD set that collects thirty eight tracks from AMP's fifteen year existence, and includes twelve previously unreleased songs, alternate versions, and demos as well as numerous tracks previously only released on vinyl. Although AMP is basically a one man act, Richard Amp has worked with numerous collaborators over the years, including Robert Hamson (ex-Loop), Dave Pearce 'on loan from Flying Saucer Attack', and former Julian Cope six-string sidekick, Donald Ross Skinner. Of these, Hamson would probably be the most accurate pointer, particularly his more recent work as Main, as much of this set is reverb drenched, droney stuff that somehow envelopes you.

Highlights include the My Bloody Valentine-like Left It (Too Late); the dreamy, previously unreleased Le Revenant; and Get There which, with its altogether more thumping beat, was recorded during AMP's inaugural "proper" studio session along with the rather shoe-gazey Remember. There's also a nifty cover of Spacemen 3's So Hot (Wash Away All My Tears), though it should perhaps be noted that There She Goes is a haunting piano and flute number that is definitely not to be confused with The La's hit of the same name.

But whilst there's a small part of me that is disappointed that there's not some droney windswept interpretation of that Scouse classic, the only other criticism I can make is that there's almost too much to enjoy here.


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