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  I Conquered While Still in the Egg  
  Julien Aklei  
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This is a self released CD-R by Kentucky native musician and painter Julien Aklei, where she lightly plays guitar and sings. That's about all there is to it. Minimal on the production and complexity, I Conquered While Still in the Egg is what it is. The title might lead you to believe Aklei is either a feminist or a lesbian, but it's really not clear or obvious what her point is.

The song topics include making love, Russian boys and Soldiers from outer space, radioactive sugar, and crystal balls. There is a rather disturbing Sci-Fi flair about the artist's website, and the music itself leads me to believe she's probably into Dungeons and Dragons, or what ever the female version of such Sci-Fi sorcery that exists in Kentucky. Also worth mentioning is one line in the artist's bio, referring to her music: "it is uplifting and encourages people to make love, to themselves or other beings (including plants)." So, there you have it. This one is obviously not for me, and may even be objectionable to vegetarians.

Also of note is her cover of Neil Young's Heart of Gold. It is possible to slow Young down even more? There's also a version of the Christmas hymn What Child is This, sung to adjusted lyrics regarding Baby Unicorns and the Emerald King. (Brendan's note: The melody on both songs is originally a late medieval English folk tune called Greensleeves.)

I honestly don't see the magic here, literally. The lyrics are a too bit wacky, so it's hard to take seriously. I also think that Aklei has been abducted by aliens at some point in her life. That would be my only theory. And here's some free advice: maybe try connecting a microphone to your laptop next time you record. That way you won't hear the spindle shaft inside your hard drive rotating.

Don't take this personally, it just ain't my bag. It may be for someone, but it's really not the kind of thing I'd choose to spend money on. This is pure nonsense.

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