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  Negative Fun Records  
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This is the second release from a power-punk trio from Charlotte, NC. The awesomely named Negative Fun Records released this on sweet 7 vinyl a few months back. I only got a download though, so i cannot speak to the physical 7". No matter. The music here is worth noting.

The 7" opens with Mixed Signals, a nice, fast-paced rocker. Drummer John (no last names given for the band) keeps a steady yet thundering beat, while Sarah's guitar chugs with overdrive and her voice hits her highest register. Bassist Josh creates a steady rumble, and sings a few verses in the middle. It's a simple formula, and they make it work.

They slow it down a little for Cold Feet, if you can call moving from "blisteringly fast" to "rather quick" to be slowing down... Sarah's guitar is really nice, and her voice sounds less helium-laced here. This really rocks.

I guess that is the end of the A-side on the physical product. Flip the record over and you get Alright slowed down even farther. Watercolors is positively laconic. It sways and grinds, with the drums scattered on the verses and steady on the choruses. It's nice. They manage to pull this off fairly well.

My download of the 7" came with a fourth track called Pollen & Allergies. This track is not listed on their BandCamp, but it does show on Amazon. I'm going to act like it really belongs here, mostly because it is their best track. Pacing-wise it is similar to Cold Feet, and Sarah's guitar is overdriven to hell and back, much like it is on that song. However, Pollen & Allergies feels more spacious. Sarah's vocals seem a little airier, and the scattered drumming feels less claustrophobic. It's a really good tune, nice and catchy with a good beat.

Overall, good stuff. Alright are not re-inventing pop punk, but they do a fine job with it.

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