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Asobi Seksu

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Recently i was cruising the Polyvinyl records website, just bored and looking through stuff, and i came across this. It is a digital 7" by Asobi Seksu, and i don't remember ever hearing about it.

Well, no matter, because it combines two of my favorite things ever: The Jesus and Mary Chain and Asobi Seksu. So i had to buy a download...

The A-Side is AS covering Never Understand, one of my favorite tracks off of Psychocandy. On the minus side, Yuki's voice is octaves above that of Jim Reid, and she just doesn't have his disdainful sneer down... But they ease into the song, her singing lightly over some strummed guitar, then they tear into it with guitar, keys, and real drums. On the plus side, James Hanna is one of the few modern guitarists to really grasp what William Reid was up to. Here, Hanna cuts lose, in a really good way. It's a strange cover, with the voice so very different, but it works.

The B-side is Little House of Savages, which was originally by The Walkmen, a band that i am not familiar with at all. This is a decent indie pop song. The music is thick and dense, and Yuki's voice works here better than on the A-side. At the end, James's guitar gets really dense and noisy. Are The Walkmen a shoegaze band? Well, Asobi play this like they are.

Overall, i like this. It's a fun little single, but if you are not a fan of at least one of the bands involved, you probably won’t care.

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