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Hollow Ponds


Lo Recordings

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  Indoor Miner  

Astronauts is the new venture from Dan Carney of Dark Captain (AKA Dark Captain Light Captain) and if you liked the previous incarnation then you really do have to listen to this. Like DC/DCLC's two classic albums, Miracle Kicker and Dead Legs & Alibi's, Hollow Ponds is choc-full of lovely melodies, heartfelt harmonies and some really sweet arrangements. Although the opening track (and single) Skydive, with its drop-dead gorgeous feel, could easily have been on either of those albums, Hollow Ponds also shows Carney moving into slightly different directions. Everything's A System Everything's A Sign has a shuffly beat topped off by some other nice percussive touches. Vampires has an altogether more sinister feel than you would normally associate with Carney (and brings to mind an acoustic take on I Wanna Be Your Dog) whilst Openside has a Buzzcocks-like riff playing in the background.

Highlights include the beautifully mournful Flame Exchange, the title track which allows itself the luxury of a couple of minutes to warm up before hitting its stride and In My Direction which has a toe-tapping lolloping beat beneath a finger-picked guitar and a catchy, if almost ominous sounding, tune. "You might think I'm passing through but I'm here for good," sings Dan on this one. I for one am pleased about that because, make no mistake about it, Dan Carney is a major talent who deserves to be heard by a far larger audience. Album of the year so far.

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