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  Auburn Lull  
  Geographic North  
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I have ranted at length about my love for the strange ambient pop of Auburn Lull on this site many times in the past. (Just look at the bottom of this review for links to my other reviews.) The band went on a bit of hiatus after 2008's Begin Civil Twilight. During that time one member, Ron Gibbs, released a few EPs under the name RxGibbs. That project is good, but just not as densely lovely as the full band experience.

But now, after six long years, Auburn Lull are back. Their new EP Hiber contains five tracks in just over 22 minutes. It is classic Auburn Lull.

Moterm is up first, a scattering of drones and beats that reminds me of Blur My Thoughts Again, only more minimal. CA1 continues the sparseness. At portions of its almost 10 minute length this song is barely there, while at other times, it is Auburn Lull at their most cinematic. This throbs slowly like the background music in an exploration scene in a sci-fi movie. I imagine this playing as starships sail through blackness. Nicely done.

Up until this point in the EP, the music has been very light and dreamy. Sosna however, starts with the deep drone of old keyboards in layers, like Tangerine Dream at their throbbingest. It is a jarring moment, almost angry for the minute and a half it drones along.

Title track Hiber is back to the mellow drone, again referencing that first album in the way the sounds reverb, but here over widely scattered piano hits. Lovely. And finally the EP ends with Static Partition which is back to the deep sounds of Sosna, here more lethargic and melancholy than the almost angry tones of the previous tune. In a way, this reminds me somewhat of Balmorhea, or at least that bands slower tunes.

Overall though, i am very pleased. This is instrumental Auburn Lull, the music a faint haze that ebbs and flows dreamily. It is very beautiful, and i hope that it hints at more to come.

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