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  Open Season  
  British Sea Power  

Rough Trade

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I really liked the first British Sea Power album, the aptly titled The Decline of British Sea Power. I have even enjoyed them in concert -- twice! And yet, for some reason Open Season, well, bores me.

It's not an awful album, it's just generic. Overall it's catchy and happy, with songs that are hummable, and completely fail to stick in my head in any way, even 5 minutes after i have finished listening to the song. Oh sure, the guitarwork is great, and the album is well-produced. But honestly, British Sea Power don't do anything on Open Season to distinguish themselves from half a dozen other bands. EvilSponge's promo in-box is flooded with CDs that sound remarkably like this.

Another issue is that there is no "great tune" such as there was on the first album (Apologies to Insect Life rules as a song). It Ended On an Oily Stage has a great title and a passable riff, but fails to really catch my imagination. Oh Larsen B has a really great beat with some lackluster guitar work and generic vocals, so it fails to take off as well. It is as if the band is trying ever so hard to come up with another memorable song, and failing. Maybe Open Season was rushed to completion by their label. It did come out only 1.5 years after The Decline of British Sea Power. Maybe the lads need to take some more time to work on the next disc...

I guess that this album is just, well, mediocre. I could put it on to listen to it, but why? I enjoy British Sea Power, but they aren't my favorite band ever, so for the most part this disc just fades into the background for me. If you are a really big fan of the act, you might be able to get some enjoyment out of the disc.

My overall verdict is this: it's an awfully unadventurous, although very competent album. BSP need to try a little harder and maybe take a little more time with their next album or else they are going to fade into obscurity pretty quickly. Honestly, i expected better from this band.

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