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  Dead Leaf Echo  
  Moon Sounds Records  
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Dead Leaf Echo are back with a brand new four track EP.

The first track, true.deep.sleeper sounds like the band channeling Kitchens of Distinction. The drums are a fast thudding and the guitars chime in layers that remind me of Drive that Fast. The song really glows, and is very catchy.

so.wrong is very similar, with the guitars and bass taken straight from KoD. The beat is really catchy here, the song just bopping along nicely. LG's voice is a little drawn out and less breathy than on the previous track.

blind.Island is an eerie ambient interlude. It consists of faint washes of sound and LGs voice buried in the background. The sounds blur and echo in a way that kind of reminds me of some of the tracks on Pygmalion. There, Slowdive did a whole record of this, which was kind of hard to listen to. However, the brevity here works.

And finally we end the EP with heaven.sent.sleeper, which i think is a dub remix of the first song. It is all heavily echoed drums and reverbing noises. Nice.

This is a good little EP. It seems a lot more focused that DLE's most recent album, which was very long and all over the place, both stylistically and quality wise. This is short and to the point. If you like shimmery dreampop, then this is for you.

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