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  Jason Dove  
  Carbon Monoxide  
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With lyrics like "Where do College Girls go/ I want to make it with you", "Hey, motherfucker why don't we sing a song", and "I know this dude he gets the best stuff in town, yeah", you'd think a middle school student came up with this tripe. The music is ripped off classic rock licks. Not to mention that the website diary portrays the musician as an impatient snob who can't stand secondhand smoke and sitting in coach class.

I can't seem to latch onto any facet of this recording. Maybe it's the cover art (I'm not kidding here). A grassy hill with an orange sunset in the background, with 2 lines of identical, bald, overweight prison escapees on what looks like the Hoverounds riding up the hill, then vanishing off the top of the hill into the air. Then when you open up the cover, those same prison escapees are being sucked into some sort of satellite orbiting what I presume to be Earth. Oh, and the hill has now apparently exploded.

So, let's further explain the music, which is much more important than any cover art could ever be. This is rehashed 70s rock, about as entertaining as a game of Go Fish. I won't even comment on the vocals. I'd like to know who thought this was good idea. Really! The recording itself sounds good, as one would probably expect from a spoiled Neanderthal like this one. Although I'm making a lot of assumptions here, I'm sure he could afford the studio time or finances to record it himself. However, simply judging from the album, the website, and the pictures, this guy will kick my ass when he meets me, and then drink my beer. Maybe I'm going to extremes, but his attitude seems to be very cocky. Or maybe he's simply a Christian rocker, and I just don't get it.

Either way, this is the kind of pure shit that I can't stand. Any true music fan will recognize this as a tired and boring release. Avoid Avoid Avoid.

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