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  Drive-thru Records  
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I reviewed Halifax as part a compilation months ago on Evilsponge (Drive Thru records pure volume compilation.) And guess what? They still sound the same! This is uber power pop punk, fueled up and candy coated. You could consider this if you're a fan of Samiam or the like. But there is an overwhelming problem with this band. They really aren't trying to do anything different or new.

Once again, as I have stated in other reviews, there is not a thing wrong with that. I think the album is very strong and well put together. It's just that you can hear it all day long if you turn on the radio. There are a lot of slickly produced licks and heavy tunes, but it lacks the genuineness that most of this genre is without.

I don't know how to fix it; maybe they should throw in some organs, or try an odd time signature. It's a grating experience listening to bands like this on CD. I think that live, locally, and in person, Halifax might possess a bit more of a presence. This is probably a big band in their region, but judging from the material, it will take an appearance on MTV or in a video game for the band to explode. They probably will as this is sweet enough for the masses, with a tinge of anger.

Live, I imagine the group performing tightly, without too many fuckups, and a couple of pumped up football players ruining the show for everyone. I guess that's generally my opinion of this genre. I think that there was a time when the genre meant more, and there was more of a true enthusiasm about emotional expression. Now that this genre is mainstream, it can't seem too authentic, and therefore is, in fact, less empathetic.

As far as the album goes, I have one pick that would pretty much sum up the band: Sidney. This is the one that appeared on the compilation, and is definitely the strongest song on the EP. It's the first track. It does rip, and I could probably grow to love it if I had to listen to it a lot. It's catchy, hook laden, and aggressive.

Don't get me wrong, Halifax. You are a talented group, with a possibility for growth and success. One reviewer's opinion is simply that. I think that the band's elements could progress into further exploration, and new directions.

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