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  Plastic Bag Ambitions  
  The Hatepinks  
  TKO Records  
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I know what you're thinking: Are these guys gay? No, they're French. This is a really cool record. I like the totally Stooges vibe, and there is a really fun attitude that blasts through the speakers. There is also an angular element that really gives the band a nice edge. Think of a cross between a choppy Clash and a minimal Ramones. This is early punk rock, complete with surf tinged guitar riffs and power chord goodness that are not used to excess.

The first handful of tracks feature a cadence based rhythm, which seems to permeate throughout the record. I like this, and I think it's important. The album has a real feel to it, and it rocks. It could run all night long. There also some interesting production features and slightly different sound effects that gives the album a spin that differentiates the band from a lot this genre's tired repertoire. Examples: Echoing loudspeaker vocals, jingle bells/ tambourines, and some vocals en franšais.

I bet their shows are great. The band has 3 albums and a slew of singles. I imagine they have quite a following in France. It's a great mix, and I think that if you're a fan of late 70's punk rock, you'd receive this as a breathe of fresh air. Also of note is that the record is nonchalant about its purpose, and does not try to be anything other than what it is. For example, there are no dance explorations, silly acoustic solo tracks, or unfunny humor bits.

Plastic Bag Ambitions is a great record. It cruises along at a blazing speed with a furious pace. It's a fun album and a solid release. The production is minimal, which totally fits the sound, and it works perfectly.

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