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  Hush Collector  
  Candy Cone  
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There are a ton of musicians out there who never get the spotlight. Not everyone can be a Gallagher or a Mick Jagger, i suppose, but that doesn't mean that these individuals are less talented. In this light, consider Hush Collector, a band consisting of three individuals (Poppy Gonzalez, Katie Mummery, and Peter Simmons) who have been background musicians for such noteworthy acts as Mojave 3 and Sing-Sing. Here they step into the spotlight, and do it well.

Flowby is their debut EP, and it carries on in the light, country-influenced folk music that Mojave 3 have mined so well. I suppose that these individuals contributed to that sound on Neil Halstead's albums. Here they do four songs of their own.

The title track starts off Flowby with three minutes of light tapped drums, droning overdriven guitar, deep bass riffing, and Poppy Gonzalez's delicate girl voice. A very pretty tune that meanders along happily.

On Mountain Song, Ms. Mummery joins in to sing harmony with Ms. Gonzalez, and the two of them go together very well. The vocals here are lovely, and the song is backed up by a funky latin-style rhythm (not sure which type though -- i am not exactly an expert on that sort of thing), some scattered piano, and nice guitars. Very fun, and over too quickly at a mere 2:39.

The third song on the EP is my favorite. It's called It Don't Matter, and it starts with a barest hint of tapped cymbals, light guitar, and Mummery's sweet and breathy voice. It grows slowly, Gonzalez adding in during the chorus, with the guitar chugging along under some overdrive. A very nice effect, and overall this is a pretty tune.

Finally, Hush Collector end their debut EP with I Go Blind. This features a picked folk style guitar with the shaker as a minimalistic percussion, while Mummery and Gonzalez sing together.

Overall, this is pleasant stuff. If you enjoy light folkish music, or have enjoyed the work of the bands that these three have been involved with in the past, then you should check out their EP.

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