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  Self-released on BandCamp  
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Lazyeyes is a shoegaze band from Brooklyn, and you know what that means -- echoey voices, layers of guitar, and steady rhythms.

They are apparently a three-piece, and what i like about this EP is that the vocals are layered under the guitars. That makes the voice hazy and emphasizes the guitarwork, which is good enough but nothing too special for the shoegaze genre.

There are four tracks in about 13 minutes, which makes each song the perfect 3-minute pop tune length.

The first one is Nostalgia, where the guitars are high-pitched and thrumming fastly, like the early work of Marty Wilson-Piper. The rhythm really kicks along, with a nice tambourine beat.

On Forever the guitars a little crunchier and there is a keyboard layer as well. The drumming is almost metronomic, and it just grooves along happily. I like the guitar sound here a lot, and the keyboard drone gives it a nicely 1980s feel.

Wait is a slower tune, their "ballad" i guess. The guitar grinds in waves, the distortion rippling the sound while the vocalist sings in falsetto. It gets nicely dense, with everything just echoing along.

And finally we have Daydream, which really soars, the guitar picking out a great melody as the voice wails and the cymbals thunder. This is a great little shoegazery pop tune, the band channeling tAdorable through an early Felt-like haze. Great stuff.

Overall, this EP shows a lot of promise. I like the production that the band used here, which emphasizes the guitarwork at the expense of the voice. That really works.

This band has potential.

The EP is available as a "name your price" download at BandCamp. If you like shoegazey pop, you should throw these guys a few bucks and get this.

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