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  33rd Street Records Distribution  
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The first thing you notice about Insomnia is the seemingly slick recording. It's a very thick recording with very heavy, produced pop rock songs. This is the second release from San Francisco's Miggs. The music would be considered very radio friendly rock, a la Gin Blossoms or Goo Goo Dolls. That's about as close as I can come to a comparison, as I am not a particular fan of such. The band has apparently opened up for Aerosmith and Dishwalla. These are big rock acts, and the band clearly has focused on becoming part of that scene.

With that said, the album is probably ringing in your ear right now. I guess these guys could come out with a hit song, and if they did, it would be track 2, Perfect, featuring a flavoring of U2's With Or Without You. That's ok though, because U2 doesn't do that shit anymore.

Although the album is slick and tight, I can't help but point out that the band is really not that good. There's really not too much to the music, and it's really quite bland. There are aspects of the music that work, like the fact that it's rock, and it's played consistently. But some songs seem to go on too long, with meandering lyrical fragments that should have ended about 30 seconds ago.

Miggs have a career now. It's unfortunate that this is the state of rock as it's really not that interesting. More often than not we will hear bands like this open up for other bands we want to go see perform. Unfortunately, these bands are much worse than Miggs, and they go on to do more of the same. It's just unbearable. It's also not my crowd, so it's not for me.

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