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  Complete Buffoonery  
  Fred's Crack Records  
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I must thank Atom and His Package for more or less promoting such stupidity and conscientious ineptitude for musicians like Mr. Mike Miller and his release Complete Buffoonery. Maybe I should thank the Cartoon Network. Or Crack. If it weren't for the underground popularity of this genre, Miller would probably not exist or even come to fruition. I imagine Mr. Miller has quite an imagination, is fairly well read, and more or less knows his shit. But damn, this is a silly album.

Basically, the music is very clearly vocalized, synthesizer based, drum machined pop with grotesquely twisted storylines. These songs are articulately offensive, idiotic, but at the same time, individually genius. I honestly don't think I need to explain the content of the songs. With titles like Missing Him, Missing Limb, Mike Miller at your Cervix, and Lay down and Shut Up, you get the picture.

Supposedly, Miller is an offspring of Mr. Miller's earlier band or bands. My guess: these are leftover creations that his band mates either refused to play, or simply thought were too stupid to ever be heard by beings that are able to reason.

I would also like to point out to Mr. Miller that I added your song tracks to the Gracenote CDDB, so now you can pop in the CD and pull up all the tracks on Itunes. You're welcome. I figured that you need the help.

Still, I do really like the album. I have a very dark, cold heart, so my sense of humor falls into the depths as well. I got a real chuckle, and was simply mortified at the same time. For that reason, Mr. Miller, you have offended me and are therefore a respectable entertainer. My question is, where do you go from here? Perhaps more silly songs, or a couple of new jokes? I don't exactly know where his mind is heading, but it is not pretty.

With that said, I would imagine we've all heard music like this before. I remember the first time I heard Ween's Pure Guava. It's a similar effect, and one that will live with me forever. Complete Buffoonery had a similar effect, however it did not carry the same gravity and despair. There are probably an approximately 70+ musicians working right now doing exactly the same thing. We've all seen them open for bands and wonder: “How the fuck did this guy score this slot?”

It's simple. That guy made someone in the other band laugh, resulting in awkward crowd reactions and generally confused bartenders.

I commend Miller for the release. I enjoyed it. I would, however, be relatively embarrassed to seriously explore the musical aspects of the recording, or even play it for people. It's totally a guilty pleasure. I will leave this review with a quote from Master-Baiter. Please, if you are reading this out loud, pronounce with a fruity, British accent, and imagine Master Thespian!

"Is it the Allure of the lure, or the squirm of the worm
Or the Fate of the Bait, that makes me Yearn to learn
And tackle, the actual, factual, information
My quest to be the Best! At master-Bation"

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