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Make Mine Music

Release Date:

late spring 2006

Reviewed by:

Millimetrik is an electronic artist from Montreal, Quebec who has released this charming little EP on the Make Mine Music collective. This is electronica of the type which i most often listen to these days -- luscious washes of synthesizer sound and subdued beats that move at a pace more head bopping than driving.

This EP will appeal to fans of Boards of Canada, M83, Ulrich Schnauss, etc. To be honest, even though i still enjoy this sort of stuff, i am beginning to notice that, well, there is an awful lot of it these days. Is it becoming "generic"? I hope not -- i haven't even discovered a convenient name for this genre yet!

Well, the Cities_EP falls right along with those other artists. For the most part it doesn't stand out from the crowd, although it isn't substandard by any rate. A fan of this sort of music could effectively argue the merits of Millimetrik over, say, John Hopkins, Biosphere, or M83. I wouldn't argue -- i think that with artists so similar in nature that it becomes far too subjective. Millimetrik doesn't really move me strongly one way or the other. But that's just me.

There is one tune on here that attracts my attention. It's called Reykjavik, and it is one of the better examples of this genre that i have heard of late. The beats are sublime, a happy little hi-hat and snare riff that positively dances over a drone and a deep bass riff. It's a groovy little tune, and one of my favorites in this genre since the last Morr Music sampler. It points towards a future for Millimetrik. If only more of this EP were so interesting...

Overall, the music isn't bad, but if you aren't impressed with this type of music, i would wager that you wouldn't care. However, i think that Millimetrik does a fine job, and this is a nice EP. There is potential here, and in time this artist could make some innovative and interesting music. In the meantime, he is making music that, while not the most innovative stuff out there, is still competent and somewhat interesting.

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