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  Drool Sucker
  No Joy
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Drool Sucker is the latest single from Montreal's No Joy. This is a lovely little single of crunchy indie rock. I only have the download, but there is a physical 7" available. It has 3 songs, each about 3 minutes long, so i am not sure how that works out on vinyl.

A Thorn In the Garland's Side is a nice chugging rocker to start off the single. The guitar just grinds and the voice is echoed and airy, lightly flitting over the riffing and that great beat. It reminds me of mid 1990s indie pop with female vocals, something like Blake Babies or Bettie Serveert.

The next track is called XO (Adam's Getting Married), which they wrote for a buddy of the band who is getting married, or maybe is currently married -- i don't know how long this song has been around and when the wedding was. Whatever. This is a nice, sparse rocker, the guitars reverbing and the female voices in nice contrasting layers, both echoed. The whole thing swells with echo into a soaring, loud, mess.

Final track Theme Song channels Lush, or maybe Mira. The voice is slow, echoed, and understated as the guitars chug and the percussion lazily drifts along. This is a pretty and fuzzy pop song.

This is a quality single. i like what No Joy are doing.

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