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  Fluttery Records  
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Olekksii is the stage name of the electronic musician Alexey Krolevets from Kiev, Ukraine. His music is ... a little different.

The songs are based on classical music, like sawing string pieces guided along by piano. At times, the record sounds like a decent classical release.

And then Olekksii adds in some electro elements -- grinding industrial beats, skittering IDM noises, some droning keys.

However, it is not like he is remixing classical music, which is kind of what Biosphere does. Instead, Olekksii is a sort of fusion music. It is like there are these classical songs, played by an ensemble or a small orchestra, and then there is this guy with a laptop adding sounds.

Iris is a short release, clocking in at just under 25 minutes. There are 8 tracks, and the best is the title track. It is a good little piano number that Krolevets layers with a rapidly clicking beat and some panning drones. I also like Exhale, where the piano channels George Winston and Krovelets' laptop channels the clickpop laptoptonrica of early 2000s acts like Millimetrik or Avrocar.

It is kind of an interesting release. I find that too many of the tracks blur together indistinguishably into a sort of ultramodern piano background drone. Still, he is doing something different, and i appreciate that.

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