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  Penelope Shoes b/w Villain  
  Parade and Aviator  
  ISP / Stickfigure  
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Parade are a local band that i have enjoyed quite a bit the past few years. They don't play out often, but they have a fascinating sound that is equal parts pop, synthpop, and shoegaze. In many respects they remind me a lot of Headlights: keyboard melodies, strong rhythms, noisy guitar, and female voice. I picked this split 7" up at The Other Sound Festival because, well, i like them and wanted to hear a recording, and this was what they had on them at the time. Plus i collect 7"s, so it's always good to pick up another.

Their tune is Penelope Shoes. It features a really strong keyboard part taken straight out of the mid-80s synth-era (think, Denis DeYoung's work in The Grand Illusion-era Styx), a nice vocal bit from Carrie Hodge, strong yet oddly flat rhythms (was the drummer recorded in a different room?), and some nice guitarwork. This song has everything that i expect from them, and it comes across rather nicely on record. My only complaint is that it is over too soon, but overall i think that this band has promise, and i look forward to more from them.

The b-side is Villain by a band called Aviator. I have never heard of these people before, but apparently they are also from Atlanta. Their song starts with a slinky bass riff, some echoing organ sounds, and a distorted female voice seemingly lost from the era of classic jazz. Then the guitar and drums kick in, and this song sounds like the sort of thing that Crybaby were going for. It rocks with strong voice obviously influenced by Sarah Vaughn or her ilk. It's vaguely new wavish, and moves along nicely. Not bad.

As to the actual product, well, it's lovely. The vinyl is a pale mottled gray with white, pink, and blue veins running through it. Each side is clearly labeled as to the contents, and the speed (45 RPM) is plainly marked. Good job Industrial Strength Promotion!

Overall, this is not a bad little slice of vinyl. Both bands present worthwhile tunes, and i actually look forward to hearing more from each of them.

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     Concert: Fri.20.Jan.06
     Festival Performance: The 2006 Other Sound Festival - Day 1

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