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  What We Should Have Said
  Pillow Talk
  Animal Style Records  
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What We Should Have Said is the second EP release from a young band from Memphis.

The EP starts with a light keyboard tinkling, then a guitar wanders in, dripping reverb and echoed all to hell and back. It's like the second coming of the Autumns, which is a pretty awesome thing. The song is called Bend and it is really a two minute intro to the record than a song proper. It grows slowly with increasing reverb and crashing cymbals.

The drums do a thunderous fill and the beat that meandered through Bend jells and we are in Make You Real There is a heavily echoed voice that reverbs under those lovely guitars. On the bridge the drumming suddenly goes all Hum -- really thunderous, as a guitar wails. This is a great tune.

Heaven Sent is the same kind of thing, only with a wistfulness to the vocals. On the choruses the whole band ramps up the riffing a bit. Room is a jaunty little song with a happy beat and the guitars chiming in a happy way. It's a lovely song about trying to get laid. "There's room for two in my bed", indeed.

And finally we end the EP with Pillow Talk’s longest tune, the over six minute Escape Me. I love the chugging bit in the middle, and the way the guitars take their own sweet time exploring what they want to explore. Again, the drums get a little Hum like with lots of cymbals and dense playing, and again, i am impressed.

Then again, this kind of stuff is practically recorded just for me. I mean, they take bits and pieces from The Autumns, Adorable, The Stratford 4, Bethany Curve, Inspiral Carpets, Dead Leaf Echo ... so many things i like. This is the next step, the next logical band in that progression. If you like dreampop, you need to check out Pillow Talk.

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