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The Chase b/w The Wreck

  Shock Cinema  
  Rob's House Roceords  
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Rob's House Records fulfills an important need in my life: this is a local label dedicated to releasing 7" singles by local bands. Atlanta music, underground indie rock, and vinyl = three things that i love. Thanks much Rob's House! I have many of their singles, and am going to attempt to go through and review as many of them as i can. This type of stuff needs exposure, and i am willing to provide that exposure if it gives the chance for more local artists to record and release.

Shock Cinema are a quirky little band that seem somewhat electroclashish to me. I saw them twice before they emigrated to Rhode Island in July of 2006. There are two songs here, and the tiny scrap of paper that serves as liner notes indicates that they were played live.

The A-side is The Chase. This has a frenetic pace reminiscent of early female-fronted punk, specifically this tune reminds me of Romeo Void. Good stuff, i really liked that band. (Both of their albums were great. Really. Go look them up!) The bass drives this tune at a frantic pace. Vocalist Jennifer Rehm can barely keep up, although on repeated listens i think that her slightly gaspy delivery is intentional, adding to the breakneck pace of the song. Either way, this is frantic and rather nice.

The B-side is The Wreck. This tune references early Pylon, and again the bass drives the music along. The beat is more loping here, more dancey. I actually think that this song works better of the two, with its hint of reggae in the guitarwork, but really, neither song is weak.

One thing to keep in mind: this is an early recording, and only 4 people are credited with being in the band, although i am sure that there were at least 5 on stage at Corndog-o-rama 2006. Also, the band here is more early post-punk, while what they became was more electropunk. So this is not indicative of their overall sound i would say, but it's not bad at all. Two decent songs that sound ripped out of the early 80's punk world. I wish Shock Cinema the best of luck in New England. Make us proud kids!

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