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  East Van Digital  
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Sleepwreck is yet another electronic act from Vancouver. What is it about the left coast of Canada that makes it infested with DJs and software enthusiasts?

Sleepwreck makes sparkling indie dance electro that reminds me of Four Tet, in a vague sort of way. They have a similar tone, a similar clarity to the music.

The first track on this EP is called Moment of Truth (featuring Kermode). It's a happy, bouncy song with a heavily cut up vocal sample. I guess the sample is Kermode, but that is never made clear. The keys that Sleepwreck layers over it all sway nicely.

Sleepwreck gets his new age on with Makes the Sugar Sweeter. This song sounds like Project Skyward or maybe Enigma -- lushness with a female vocal aahing and another voice talking way down in the mix, faint and light. We used to call this "tea house music" back in the day, but not a whole lot of people do this sort of thing anymore. I think that Sleepwreck pulls it off pretty well. He takes that lush template and adds a nice steady drum riff.

Take It Apart is denser, almost dark, and finally, Skinny Puppy is circling back into Vancouver electronic music. There is a little bit of The Faint as well, with distorted vocals over the intense beats and keys that pulse.

And then finally the EP ends with title track Disasterpiece. It's a loud, guitary song. The guitar kind of chimes along over the beats and some whooshing synths. Honestly, the best thing about this tune is its awesome name. Not Sleepwreck's best work.

Overall i am pleased, even if the last song is kind of a dud.

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