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  Noisy Music For Noisy Kids  
Release Date:
Reviewed by:
  Indoor Miner and his son, Thomas  
  (rating as per young Thomas Miner)  
Brendan's Note:
  We recieved this promo a few months ago. It is a self-described heavy metal record for kids. Well, Indoor Miner is only one of us with offspring in the proper demographic, so we sent it over to Wales for them to review.  
Indoor Miner:
  Noisy Songs For Noisy Kids comes complete with a sticker that reads "The first kids metal band" and helpfully warns "Do not play at naptime". So it seems only fitting that I, Indoor Miner, hand you over to my seven year old son, Thomas…  
Thomas Miner:

Old Man Olaf is a song I know as Old Macdonald Had A Farm. It's really good, super-mad, really noisy and funny.

I Like Dirt – I think it's the weirdest song I've ever heard and it's really good. I sing along to this in the car sometimes and, when I was listening to it in the house, I started dancing to it. It's got the best title I can think of. It's good that it talks about dirt.

Ice Cream Headache is a really good song. It reminds me a lot of ice cream because I get ice cream headaches sometimes.

Growl Like A Lion – It's mad, it growls a lot and when he sings "baa like a wolf, crow like a sheep," it makes no sense at all and it's really funny, which makes it good. Amazing.

Song About Nothing – Why's it about nothing? It sounds like it's about something. I like it. Why does it say the days of the week in the wrong order – Tuesday, Monday, Saturday? Why does it say the middle bit – "nothing" - in different languages?

Table Manners For Vikings says the words very fast. It makes me think that it's really sensible saying things you should or shouldn't do at the table such as “Use my soup bowl for a hat or feed my food to the neighbours cat”.

Night of the Living Lunch is about his meal coming to life. His pasta gave him a punch and his potato salad was crawling around.

Little Teapot / Big Old Viking is a different version of Little Teapot with a song about a Viking. The Viking bit is a bit mad.

Eat Vegetables. Very wise of him to say this, telling kids to eat vegetables instead of cookies, even though "cookies are nice to eat".

Indoor Miner:
  So as you can see, this is a big hit with the seven year old population. And not just my son. I've had this on LOUD in the car when I've been taking him and his mates to football practice, and they've all enjoyed it. Honestly, the things I put myself through for this website…  
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