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  Windy and Carl  
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This album isn't for everyone. In fact, it's not for most of the people i know. Nor is it the proper soundtrack to a lot of life's activities.

I can see how many people would be really turned off by Consciousness, the latest release from Detroit droners Windy and Carl. It's a mostly instrumental album of washed out textured guitar drones.

I find it really relaxing. I enjoy sitting with my headphones on, listening to the sonic swirls that Windy and Carl are painting. If you can visualize music, this album would be the equivalent of an Impressionist painting done in calming pastels.

The album is basically one long drone that is broken up into sections. The "tracks" are basically places where the overall texture of the drone changes subtly. Never too much, just a slightly different overall harmonic effect. These subtle changes create a feeling of diversity, and of movement. Oddly enough, after listening to the disc all the way through, i get a feeling of completion. It is as if the journey the sounds describe reaches a natural conclusion.

That's really an accomplish from an album that has so few real "sounds" to it. And yet, that is the feeling i get, which leads me to believe that this is a nicely done album. It still won't appeal to most people, but for what it is, it is well done.

In listening to the album there is one track that, i feel, stands out above the rest: Balance (Trembling). It's the second track on the album and is built of tones that drone and weave around subtle beats that seem to come as if from far beneath the surface of the ocean. The overall effect of the song reminds me strongly of the Vangelis music used in the soundtrack to Blade Runner. It's a dark sci-fi / fantasy song. Spaceships drifting through bleak overcrowded worlds. Really cool.

So there you go. I enjoy this album, although in all honesty i cannot recomend it to many people. The music is subtle and not too dynamic. I find that sometimes i need such music in my life. Other people do not find that to be true. Whatever. However, if you are like me and occasionally want some music for pure meditational purposes, then Consciousness is definitely worth checking out.

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