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  A.Armada   Festival Appearance: Corndogorama 2008, Day 3 on
  Absent Without Leave   Split Album: Magnitogorsk (with Port-Royal)
Album: Faded Photographs
  A Fir Ju Well   Concert: Mon.31.Dec.01
Festival: IG02 on Thu.1.Aug.02
Concert: Tues.10.May.05
     see also: Gringo Starr
  A.M.   Concert: Sun.5.Aug.07  
  The A-Sides   Concert: Sat.28.Oct.07  
  A Silver Mt. Zion   Album: He Has Left Us Alone But Shafts Of Light Sometimes Grace The Corner Of Our Rooms
Concert: Sun.25.May.2008
  Abby GoGo   Concert: Sat.29.Nov.08  
  AbdeCaf   EP: Rebuild  
  Acid Fast   Album: Rabid Moon  
  Acid Mothers Temple   Album: Mantra of Love
Split album: A Thousand Shades of Grey, with Escapade
  Action Dead Mouse   EP: Perché questa casa ci esplode negli occhi?
Album: Cascata
Album: Il Contrario Di Annegare
  Active Child   Album: You Are All I See
Concert: Mon.07.May.12
  Adams, Ryan   Album: Demolition  
  Adem   Festival Performance: South by SouthWest 2005 - Day 2  
  Adom   Concert: Thu.8.Feb.01  
  Adult Mom   Album: Momentarily Lapse of Happily
Album: Soft Spots
  Airbourne   Festival Appearance: SxSW07 on Fri.16.Mar.07  
  The Airborne Toxic Event   Concert: Sun.05.May.2013  
  Airiel   8": In Your Room
EP:  Dizzy
Album: The Battle of Sealand
  Airoes   Festival Appearance: Corndogorama 2005, Day 4 on
  Akatombo   Album: Unconfirmed Reports
Album: False Positives
Album: Sometime, Never
  Julien Aklei   Album: I Conquered While Still in the Egg  
  Akron/Family   Album:  Akron/Family
Split Album: Angels of Light/Akron/Family with
                 Angels of Light
  Al G.   Festival Appearance: SxSW07 on Wed.14.Mar.07  
  Al_x   Album: Al_x  
  The Album Leaf   EP: In An Off White Room
Concert: Thu.26.Jul.01
  Algiers   Concert: Fri.05.June.2015  
  Alice Does Computer Music   Album: Shoegaze 5G  
  Alison's Halo   EP: 8Bit  
  All Dogs   Album: Kicking Every Day  
  All Night Drup Prowling Wolves   Festival Appearance: Corndogorama 2008, Day 3 on
  All Over Everywhere   Album: Inner Firmaments Decay  
  All Tomorrow's Parties   EP: All Tomorrow's Parties  
  Almost Heroes   Conference Performance: Atlantis 2004  
  Alphabet Saints   Album: Raptureland  
  Alva Star   Album: Escalator  
  Amenra   Concert: Wed.10.Apr.19  
  American Analog Set   Concert: Sat.10.Aug.02
Remix EP: Updates
  American Dream  

Album: Cone of So
Concert: Fri.9.Dec.00
Concert: Sat.23.Dec.00
Concert: Fri.16.Feb.01
Concert: Fri.20.Apr.01
Concert: Sat.16.Jun.01
Concert: Sat.4.Aug.01
Concert: Fri.26.Oct.01
Concert: Sat.29.Dec.01
Concert: Mon.31.Dec.01
Concert: Fri.11.Jan.02
Concert: Sat.16.Mar.02
Festival: IG02 on Sat.3.Aug.02
Festival Set: Corndog-o-rama 04 (with photo)

  AMP   Compilation: All of Yesterday Tomorrow
Album: Entangled Time
  Amp Rive   Album: Irma Rep  
  Amsterdam   Festival Appearance: Chester Rocks on Sun.3.Jul.11  
  Amusement Parks on Fire   Album: Amusement Parks on Fire  
  An Angle   Album: And Take It With a Grain of Salt  
  An Epic At Best   Concert: Sat.19.May.07
Album: There Will Be Rain
  Ana Never   Album: Small Years  
  Analog Missionary   Album: Transistor  
  Ancestors   EP: Invisible White  
  Ancient Chinese Secret   Festival Appearance: Corndogorama 2007 - Day 1  
  ...And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead   Album: Source Tags and Codes  
  Andalusia   Album: Around 3 A.M.  
  Angels of Light   Album: Everything Is Good Here/Please Come Home
Album: Other People
Split Album: Angels of Light/Akron/Family with
                 Angels of Light
  Annabel   7": split 7" with Annabel  
  Annie and Her Guns   Concert: Fri.20.Jan.06
Album: Outlaw For Your Love
  Anomie   EP: Anomie
          see also: Field Mouse
  Antasten   Concert: 23.Apr.03  
  Antenna Shoes   Concert: Mon.25.Aug.08  
  Antennas to Heaven   Album: The Line Between Myth and Reality Has Always
            Been in Finland

Album: Hermeneutics
  Antic Clay and the Long Holy Train   Festival Appearance: Corndogorama 2008, Day 2 on
  Anti-Social Chamber Music   Festival: IG02 on Sat.3.Aug.02  
  The Antiques   Album: Awake  
  Aphelion   Concert: Thu.31.May.01  
  Aphex Twin   Album: Syro  
  Apocalypse Pow!   EP: Smash the Superstition  
  Apollo Cobra   Album: Motherland  
  The Apostles of Hustle   Festival Appearance: SxSW07 on Thu.15.Mar.07  
  Appaloosa   Concert:  Wednesday.11.June.2008  
  Arab Strap   Album: Elephant Shoe
Album: The Red Thread
Concert: Sat.7.Apr.01
  Arc Lab   Album: no.spectre  
  Arch Enemy   Concert: Tue.18.Sep.07  
  Archers Of Loaf  

Album: Icky Mettle
EP: Vs. The Greatest of All Time
Album: Vee Vee
Compilation: The Speed of Cattle
Album: All the Nations Airports
Album: White Trash Heroes
Live Album: Seconds Before The Accident
Concert: Fri.22.Jul.11
concert: Sat.23.Jul.11
          see also: Eric Bachmann, Crooked Fingers

  Ariel Pink's Haunted Grafitti   Concert: Fri.30.Aug.10  
  Arnalds, Ólöf   Festival: SxSW 2011 - Wed.16.Mar.11  
  Arp   Album: In Light  
  Arpline   Album: Travel Book  
  Art Brut   Concert: Tue.19.Sept.06  
  Art of Fresh   Festival: SxSw on Sat.17.Mar.2012
Album: When the Night Comes In
  Joseph Arthur and the Lonely Astronauts   Album: Temporary People  
  Artichoke   Album: Evaporation  
  The Artificial Sea   Album: City Island  
  The Arts and Sciences   Concert: Fri.08.Feb.08  
  Asanisomasa   Concert: Sat.21.Apr.01  
  Ash   Concert Appearance: Sat.14.Sept.02  
  Ashburne Glen   Album: Making Aeroplanes Out of Our Bodies  
  Ashen   Concert: Fri.20.Apr.01
EP: Pull and Repel
  Ashley Stove   Album: All Summer Long
Concert: Fri.30.Mar.01
  Asimov, Isaac   Download: Foundation by Julie Rousse  
  Asmodelle   Album: Electronic Mischief  
  Asobi Seksu  

Concert: Mon.8.Nov.04
Album: Asobi Seksu
Concert:  Mon.14.Feb.05
Festival Performance: South by SouthWest 2005 - Day 1
Concert: Thu.19.Oct.06
7": Stay Awake b/w Then He Kissed Me
7": Me and Mary b/w Breathe Into Glass
Album: Hush
Album: Acoustic at Olympic Studios
Concert: Thu.24.Sep.09
Album: Flouresence
Concert: Sat.21.May.11
EP: Perfectly Crystal

  Astronauts   Album: Hollow Ponds
    See also: Dark Captain
  At Dusk   Album: You Can Know Danger  
  Atlantic   Concert: Thu.16.Jan.03  
  Atlas Sound   Concert: Fri.26.Sept.08
Album: Logos
      see also: Deerhunter
  The Atomic Square   EP: The Rise  
  Attaway, Murray   Concert: Sat.24.Aug.02  
  Attractive Eighties Women   Concert: Fri.5.Apr.07
Festival Appearance: Corndogorama 2008, Day 1 on
  Attention System   Concert: Fri.9.Mar.12  
  Au Revoir Simone   Festival Performance: SXSW06 on Fri.17.Mar
Concert: Mon.3.Sep.07
  Auburn Lull   Album: Alone I Admire
Album: Cast From the Platform
Album: Begin Civil Twilight
EP: Hiber
Album: Hypha
  Audomobil?   Concert: Fri.2.Mar.01
Concert: Mon.18.Mar.02
Concert: Sat.13.Apr.02
  Austen, Louie   Concert: Mon.18.Mar.02  
  Austra   Album: Feel It Break  
  The Australian Pink Floyd Show   Festival Appearance: Chester Rocks on Sun.3.Jul.11  
  Autechre   EP: Peel Session 2 EP
Concert: Thu.24.May.01
EP: Granz Graf
Album: Oversteps
  Autodrone   Album: Strike a Match
Album: This Sea Is Killing Me
  The Autumns   Album: In The Russet Gold Of This Vain Hour
EP: Le Carillon
  Avenpitch   Album: Butterfly Radio  
  Averkiou   Concert: Fri.7.Nov.08  
  El Aviador Dro   Compilation: ¡Eléctrico! - The Best of Aviador Dro
  Aviator   7": split with Parade  
  Avrocar   Compilation Appearance: Flow
EP: Guidance
Album: Against the Dying of the Light
     see also: July Skies
  Ayo River   Album: Failed State  
  Azure Ray  

Album: Azure Ray
Concert: Sat.26.May.01
Concert: Sat.30.Jun.01
Album: Burn and Shiver
Album: Drawing Down the Moon


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