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  G. G. Allin   DVD: Hated  
  Gang of Four   Concert: Sun.23.Jan.05
Concert: Sat.8.Oct.05
  Garbage   Album: Beautiful Garbage  
  Gargamel   Conference Performance: Atlantis 2004
Sampler disc: 2004 Sampler Disc
  Gargantua   Concert: Sat.18.Jan.03  
  Gargle & Bosques de mi Mente   Album: Absence  
  The Gaslight Troubadors   Clockwork Curiosities  
  Gel-sol   Downloadable album: Music Made For You ... And By You, I Mean Me.
    See also: 302 Acid
  Gentleman Caller   Festival Appearance: The 2006 Other Sound Festival - Day 2  
  Germano, Lisa   Album: In the Maybe World  
  Germany Germany   Album: Willow  
  Gestalt   Album: Forge a New Noize  
  Get Help   Album: The End of the New Country  
  Getto, Alan   Single: If I Punch a Wall  
  Getz, Jennifer   Album: Makin' History  
  Ghost Heart   Album: The Tunnel  
  Ghost Tour   Festival Performance: Corndog-o-rama 2006, day 2  
  The Ghostwriter   Concert:  Fri.21.Jan.05  
  Giardini di Miro   Album: Dividing Opinions  
  Gibbons, Beth, and Rustin Man   Album: Out of Season  
  Giddy Motors   Concert: Sat.19.Jul.03  
  Girls on Film   Concert: Fri.20.Aug.04
EP: Girls on Film
  Githead   Album: Profile  
  The Glands   Concert: Sat.7.Oct.00
Concert: Sat.27.Oct.01
  Glimmer Kids   Album: Glimmer Kids  
  Glint   EP: Glint EP  
  Glissando   Album: With Our Arms Wide Open We March Towards
             the Burning Sea
  The Gloria Record   Concert: Sat.2.Feb.02  
  Glory Fountain   Concert: Sat.27.Apr.01  
  Glowpeople   Album: Things...  
  Go Motion   Concert: Sat.10.Feb.07  
  God Is an Astronaut   EP: A Moment Of Stillness
Album: All Is Violent, All Is Bright
Album: Far From Refuge
  Godamnit   Album: How To Take the Burn  
  Godspeed You Black Emperor   Album: Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven
Album: Yanqui U.X.O.
Concert: Sun.9.Mar.03
  Gold-Bears   Concert: Tue.5.Apr.2011
Concert: Thu.21.May.2015
Festival: Secret Stages 2015 on Fri.31.Jul.2015
  Gold Cage   Album: Social Crutch  
  Gold Motel   EP: Gold Motel EP
Album: Summer House
7": Talking Fiction
Festival: SxSW 2011 - Wed.16.Mar.11
Festival: SxSW 2011 - Fri.18.Mar.11
Album: Gold Motel
  The Golden Arm Trio   Concert: Sat.21.Apr.01  
  Golden Glow   Album: Tender Is the Night  
  The Goldest   Concert: Thu.11.Sep.08
EP: The Goldest
  Goldstar, Rachel   Festival Performance: SXSW06 on Wed.15.Mar  
  Golightly, Holly   Non-Concert: Tue.8.Aug.05  
  The Good Graces   Album: Sunset Over Saxapahaw
Concert: Fri.21.May.10
  The Good Players   Concert: Thu.21.Aug.03  
  Gordone, Leah-Carla   Album: Dancing on the Dragon  
  The Gossip   Album: That's Not What I Heard  
  Goya   Album: Harvester of Bongloads  
  The Graboids   Concert: Sat.16.Jul.06
Album: Infinite Delay
Concert: Fri.4.Jan.08
Festival Appearance: Corndogorama 2008, Day 2 on

Concert: Fri.17.Oct.08
  The Grace Period   Album: Dynasty  
  Graceland Gospel   EP: EP  
  Grandaddy   Album: The Sophtware Slump  
  The Graze   Album: Iowa Anvil  
  The Great American Canyon Band   7": Tumbleweed b/w Burn  
  Great Northern   Concert: Fri.27.Oct.07
Album: Trading Twilight for Daylight
  The Great Saunites   Album: The Ivy  
  Green Day   Album: Warning:  
  The Green Hit   Festival Appearance: Corndogorama 2007 - Day 1  
  Grimble Grumble   Album: Leaves Leader
Album: September Sun
  Grinder Nova   Festival Appearance: Corndogorama 2008, Day 3 on
  Grinderman   Concert: Wed.29.Sep.10  
  Gringo Starr   Concert: Sat.7.Oct.06
Festival Appearance: Corndogorama 2008, Day 3 on

      see also: A Fir Ju-Wel
  Grizzzy Bear   Album: Grizzzy Bear  
  Grumpy   Concert: Thu.14.Feb.02  
  Guernica   EP: Who Are Your Songs For?  
  Guilty Pleasures of the Snow Angel   Concert: Sat.13.Feb.10  
  Guitar   Album: Saltykisses
Album: Honeysky
  Guthrie, Robin   Album: Imperial
Soundtrack (with Harold Budd): Mysterious Skin
Soundtrack: 3:19
Album (with John Foxx): Mirrorball
EP: Angel Falls
Album: Carousel
Album (with Harold Budd): Bordeaux
Soundtrack (with Harold Budd): White Bird In a Blizzard
      see also: Cocteau Twins
      see also: Violet Indiana
  Gwei-lo   Album: Gwei-loi  
  Gwendolyn   Concert: Wed.17.Apr.02  
  Stafrænn Hákon   7": split 7" with Emery Reel
Album: Gummi
  Halcyon Chamber   7": Halcyon Chamber
EP: Halcyon Chamber
  Halifax   Compilation appearance: Bands you Love, Have Heard of,
      and Should Know

EP: A Writer's Reference
  Hall, Florence   EP: Always on the Run  
  Hall, James   Festival Appearance: Corndogorama 2008, Day 2 on
  Halves   Album: It Goes, It Goes (Forever and Ever)  
  Hammock   Album: Kenotic
EP: Stranded Under Endless Sky
Album: Raising Your voice ... Trying to Stop an Echo
Album: Maybe They Will Sing For Us Tomorrow
Album: Chasing After Shadows ... Living with the Ghosts
  Handsome Jack   Festival Appearance: Corndogorama 2008, Day 3 on
  Hanging Valleys   EP: Behind the Backs of Houses  
  Hank Booker   Concert: Sun.31.Oct.04  
  Hard Skin   Album:  Same Meat Different Gravy  
  Haricort Vert   Album: Les Moyennes des Folklore  
  Harnetty, Brian   Album: Words and Silences  
  The Harris Twins   Concert: Fri.26.Sept.08
      see also: The Selmanaires
  Harrison, Mic   Concert: Thu.15.Jul.04  
  The Harrow   7": EICV7" No. 86
Album: Silhouettes
  Harvey, P. J.   Album: Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea  
  Hatcham Social   Album: You Dig The Tunnel, I'll Hide The Soil  
  The Hatepinks   Album: Plastic Bag Ambitions  
  Hayman, Darren &
The Secondary Modern
  Album: Darren Hayman & The Secondary Modern
Album: Calling Out Your Name Again
  Hayride   Concert: Sat.14.Jul.01  
  Headlights   EP: The Enemies EP
Festival Appearance: Corndogorama 2005, Day 4
Festival Performance: SXSW06 on Wed.15.Mar
Festival Appearance: SxSW07 on Thu.15.Mar.07
Concert: Tue.27.Oct.09
Album: Wildlife
  Heartless Bastards   Album: The Mountain  
  Heat From a Dead Star   EP: EP1  
  Healthy White Baby   Festival Performance: SXSW06 on Wed.15.Mar  
  Hearts of Black Science   Album: The Ghost You Left Behind  
  Heaviness   Album: Heaviness  
  Hedaya   Album: This Is Where I Keep It  
  Hefner   Re-issue:  The Fidelity Wars  
  Heinl, Tom   Concert: Tue.8.Aug.05  
  Heinous Bienfang   Festival Appearance: Corndogorama 2008, Day 1 on
  Helen Stellar   EP: Below Radar  
  Hell Mach 4   Festival Performance: Corndog-o-rama 2006, Day 3  
  Hello Cobra   Concert: Fri.04.Apr.2014  
  The Hellsayers   Concert: Thu.17.Feb.05  
  Helms   Concert: Thu.26.Jul.01  
  The Karl Hendricks Trio   Album: The Jerks Win Again
Compilation: The Wheel & The Alphabet: A Tribute
     to Karl Hendricks
  Hendrix, R. M.   Single: Summer Dresses  
  Henhouse Studios   Various Artists Compilation: Anthology 2004  
  Her Space Holiday   Concert: Sat.2.Feb.02
Album: Manic Expressive
Concert: Sat.10.Aug.02
Remixes: Updates remix Ep by American Analog Set
  Herman, Put Down the Gun   Concert: Fri.08.Feb.08  
  Heron, John   Abum: Embryonic Heraldry  
  Heros Severum   Concert: Thu.20.Feb.03  
  Herr, Issei   Album: Distant Intervals  
  Hex Error   Festival: IG02 on Fri.2.Aug.02  
  Hey Marseilles   Concert: Sat.19.Oct.13  
  Hieronymus Bosch   EP: Havin' Fun Soundin' Good  
  High Places   Album: High Places
Album: High Places vs. Mankind
  The High Score   Album: Sexy Losers  
  The High Strung   Album: These Are Good Times
Concert: Web.18.Feb.04
Split 7": Loretta (split release with The Capitol Years)
EP: Follow Through On Your Backhand
Concert: Sat.10.July.04
Album: Moxie Bravo
Festival Appearance: SxSW07 on Sat.17.Mar.07
Album: Get the Guests
  The High Speed Scene   Concert: Wed.1.Jun.05  
  The High Violets   Festival Performance: SXSW06 on Fri.17.Mar
Album: To Where You Are
  Highland Space   Concert: Fri.5.Dec.08  
  Hitchhike   EP:  Night Light
Festival Performance: South by SouthWest 2005 - Day 0
Festival Performance: South by SouthWest 2005 - Day 1
  Hinterland   Album: Under the Waterline  
  Hip to Death   Concert: Fri.4.Jan.13  
  Hiro Kone   Album: Love Is the Capital  
  The Hives   Album: Veni Vidi Vicious  
  Hoax Hunters   Album: Comfort & Safety  
  Hogan, Kelly  

Concert: Thu.25.May.00
Concert: Fri.27.Apr.01
Concert: Sat.1.Dec.01

  The Holland Dutch   Festival Appearance: Corndogorama 2008, Day 1 on
  Hollyfaith   Festival Appearance: Corndogorama 2008, Day 2 on
  Holobody   Album: Riverhood  
  Hologram   Album: Hologram+  
  Holygram   Album: Modern Cults  
  Home of the Wildcats   Festival Appearance: Corndogorama 2005, Day 4
Concert: Thu.3.Nov.05
           see also: Moreland Audio, The Purkinje Shift
  Hood   EP: Home Is Where It Hurts
Album: Cold House
Concert: Mon.18.Mar.02
Concert: Wed.27.Mar.02
Single: You Show No Emotion at All
Split 7": You Shins Break My Heart (with Themselves)
EP: The Lost You
Album: Outside Closer
  Hope for Agoldensummer   Album: I Bought a Heart Made of Art in the Deep,
      Deep South

Festival Appearance: Corndogorama 2005, Day 2
  Hopewell   Concert: Fri.20.May04  
  Hopkins, Jon   EP: EP1
Rerelease: Opalescent
  Horchata   Album: Integral
Collaborative Album: Horchata/Ocosi
  The Horrors   Festival Appearance: SxSW07 on Thu.15.Mar.07  
  Hot Hot Heat   Concert: Fri.11.Jan.08  
  Hot Young Priest   Concert: Web.18.Feb.04
Concert: Thu.27.May.04
Festival Set: Corndog-o-rama 04
Conference Performance: Atlantis 2004
EP: Burning Hot and Free
Festival Appearance: Corndogorama 2005, Day 2
Festival Performance: Corndog-o-rama 2006, Day 2
Festival Performance: The 2006 Other Sound Festival - Day 1
Album: Fiendish Frealy Love
  The Hots   Concert: Sat.20.May.00
Festival: IG02 on Thu.1.Aug.02
  Hotpants Romance   Concert: Sat.13.Feb.10  
  Hour of the Shipwreck   Album: The Hour Is Upon Us  
  How Comes the Constellations Shine   Album: Mémoire  
  Howes, Kenny   Concert: Mon.31.Dec.01
Concert: Sat.24.Aug.02
  Hubcap City   Concert: Sat.25.Jan.03
Festival Set: Corndog-o-rama 04 (with photos)
Festival Appearance: Corndogorama 2005, Day 3
Festival Performance: Corndog-o-rama 2006, Day 2
  Hum   Album: Inlet  
  The Humans   Concert:  Sat.15.Jan.05  
  Hummersqueal   Festival Appearance: SxSW07 on Thu.15.Mar.07  
  Hundred Year Old Man   EP: Rei  
  Ian Hunter and the Rant Band   Concert: Thu.24.May.05  
  Hush Collector   EP: Flowby  
  Husky   Concert: Sat.9.Jul.01  
  Hydrozeen     Concert: Sat.6.Nov.04  
  Hypnotech 3     Album: The Sound Of Space  
  The Hypnotic Lights     EP: We Are  
  Hypothermia     Concert:  Fri.17.Dec.05  

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