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  n.ln   Album: Astronomy for Children  
  Naam   EP: Kingdom  
  Nad Natillus   Concert: Sat.14.Sept.02  
  Nada Surf   Album: Let Go
Album: The Stars Are Indifferent to Astronomy
  Nadine   Album: Oh My  
  Nation of Language   Album: A Way Forward  
  National Dust   Festival Set: Corndog-o-rama 04
     see also: 3D5SPD, The Sudden Rays
  Native Lights   Album: Native Lights  
  The N.E.C.   Festival Appearance: Corndogorama 2008, Day 3 on
  Neale, Lael   Album: Star Eater's Delight  
  Near the Parenthesis   Album: Of Soft Construction  
  Necking   Album: Cut Your Teeth  
  The Nein   Concert: Thu.22.July.04
Concert: Fri.19.Jan.07
  Nekkid   Concert: Thu.28.Oct.04  
  Nelson, Willie   Concert: Sat.21.Oct.00  
  Neon   EP: Hit Me Again  
  Neon Electronics   Album: Ever After Monkey  
  The Neon Judgement   Album: Box
Album: Smack
  Neotropic   Album: La Prochaine Fois
Film: La Prochaine Fois
  Nerdkween   Concert: Sat.20.Jan.08
Album: Profitandloss
  New Order   Album: Get Ready  
  The New Pornographers   Album: Mass Romantic
Concert: Thu.14.Feb.02
Album: Electric Version
  New Roman Times   Festival Appearance: Corndogorama 2005, Day 2 on
  New Terminus   Concert: Fri.25.Nov.11  
  The New Year   Album: Newness Ends  
  The New York Rel-X   Album: Sold Out Of Love  
  Newman, Harris   Festival Performance: South by SouthWest 2005 - Day 2  
  Night Moves   Concert: Sat.4.Apr.09  
  The Nightingales   EP: What's Not To Love?
Album: Insult to Injury
Concert: Sat.13.Feb.10
Concert: Fri.27.May.11
  Nillah   Album:  The Sun Show  
  1945   Concert: Wed.26.Dec.01  
  Nine Black Alps   Festival: D Percussion 2005  
  Nine Inch Nails   Album: With Teeth
Album: The Slip
  Ninnemann, Scot   Compilation: The Island of Misfit Songs  
  Mojo Nixon And The Toad Liquors   Concert: Fri.19.Jan.01  
  The Noise Figures   Album: The Noise Figures  
  No Joy   EP: Drool Sucker  
  No River City   Festival Appearance: Corndogorama 2005 - Day 3
Festival Performance: The 2006 Other Sound Festival - Day 1
  Nolan, Jon   Festival Performance: South by SouthWest 2005 - Day 0  
  Nomo   Concert: Thu.27.May.04  
  NON FINIRe mai   Album: pilotinstaller  
  Non-Human Persons   7": EICV7" No. 91  
  Nona Delichas   Album: Aires de Bocacalle  
  Nonconnah   EP: Winter EP '17  
  Norfolk and Western   Festival Performance: South by SouthWest 2005 - Day 4  
  North Elementary   Album: Lose Your Favorite Things
Album: Southern Rescue Trails
  North Star Infinite   EP:  Ghosts The Hide Inside the Walls  
  The Notwist   Album: Neon Golden  
  Novak, Kim   Album: Luck & Accident  
  Numbers   Concert: Mon.3.Sep.07  
  Nu'Trel   Festival Perfomance:  at Chicks Kick Ash 5  
  Nutria   Album: Metronome  
  O + S   Album: O + S  
  The Ocean Blue   EP: Denmark  
  Oceanator   EP: Lows  
  Ocelot   Concert: Sat.17.Jun.00  
  O'Connor, Jennifer   Album: Surface Noise  
  Ocosi   Collaborative Album: Horchata/Ocosi  
  The Octopus Project   Concert: Fri.18.Jul.03
Festival Performance: South by SouthWest 2005 - Day 1
Album: One Ten Hundred Thousand Million
Concert: Fri.9.Sept.05
Concert: Sun.19.Oct.08
Concert: Thu.6.Aug.09
Concert: Sat.2.Oct.10
Concert: Fri.9.Aug.13
  Odonis Odonis   Album: Post Plague  
  Oeuf Korrect   Download: The Nine Billion Names of God  
  Of Sinking Ships   Album: Of Sinking Ships  
  Ohgr   Album: Undeveloped
         see also: Skinny Puppy
  Oh No! Oh My!   Concert: Mon.3.Sep.07
Festival Appearance: SxSW 2008 on Sat.15.Mar
Concert: Mon.25.Aug.08
Festival: SxSW 2011 - Fri.18.Mar.11
  øjeRum   Album: Alting Falder I Samme Rum  
  OK Go   Album: OK Go
Concert: Sat.2.Jul.11
  Okada   Album: Okada  
  The Old 97's   Album: Early Tracks
Album: Satellite Rides
 see also: Miller, Rhett
  Old Ghost   Album: Light Returns
EP: Hearts and Coffins
  Oleksii   EP: Iris  
  The Olive Shoots   EP: Anteros  
  Olympic Swimmers   Album: No Flags Will Fly  
  On Your Horizon   Album: In, Empty  
  One Hand Loves The Other   Album: One Hand Loves the Other
Festival Appearance: The Other Sound on Sat.8.Sep.07
Concert: Sat.20.Jan.08
  1 Mile North   Triptych appearance: Conduction. Convection. Radiation.  
  100 Watt Horse   Concert: Fri.8.Feb.13  
  1000 Fires   Concert: Fri.28.Nov.02
EP: For the Browsing of Pretension
  Tara Jane O'Neil and Nikaido Kitsumi   Album: Tara Jane O'Neil and Nikaido Kitsumi  
  The Only Ones   Concert: Sat.24.Jan.09  
  The Onlys   Album: Limbic System  
  The Oohlas   Festival Appearance: SxSW07 on Thu.15.Mar.07
Festival Appearance: SxSW07 on Fri.16.Mar.07
  Oppressed by the Line   EP: The Cause of the Colour  
  The Oranges Band   Festival Appearance: Corndogorama 2005, Day 2 on
  The Orb   Album: Cydonia
Concert: Sat.14.Apr.01
Compilation Appearance: Pop Ambient 2003
Split 12": Speicher 14 (with M. Mayer)
    see also: BadOrb.com
                 Fehlmanm, Thomas
  Oder of Ennead   Album: An Examination of Being  
  The Organ   Album: Grab That Gun  
  The Original Sinners   Concert: Sat.27.Jul.02  
  The Orphins   Festival Set: Corndog-o-rama 04
Concert: Fri.16.Jul.04
Concert: Sat.28.Aug.04
Album: Drowning Cupid
Concert:  Sat.15.Jan.05
Festival Appearance: Corndogorama 2005, Day 3 on

Concert: Fri.20.Jan.06
Festival Performance: Corndog-o-rama 2006, day 1
Festival Performance: Corndogorama 2007, day 2
Festival Appearance: Corndogorama 2008, Day 3 on

Concert: Sat.15.Aug.09
Album: Wish You Well
  Oslo Deadtrash Project   Album: Headpixel Data
EP: The City (with Carrie)
  Otaku   Album: Incorporeal Automata  
  Ours to Alibi   Concert: Thu.3.Aug.06  
  Ova Looven   Album: 58:34
12" EP: Gravity Has Expired
  The Roy Owens Jr.   Concert: Fri.28.Mar.03
Concert: Mon.20.Mar.06
  Owls*   Festival Appearance: Chester Rocks on Sun.3.Jul.11  
  Oxes   Concert: Sat.21.Sept.02  
  Oxford Collapse   Festival Appearance: SxSW07 on Wed.14.Mar.07  
  Pacific   Festival Performance: SXSW06 on Sat.18.Mar  
  Pacific UV   EP: E.P.
Album: Weekends
Concert: Fri.06.Apr.12
  Paik   Concert: 23.Apr.03
Tryptych appearance: Crickets and Fireflies
Festival Performance: South by SouthWest 2005 - Day 2
  Pain   Album: On Air  
  The Pains of Being Pure at Heart   Album: The Pains of Being Pure at Heart
Concert: Sun.03.May.09
Concert: Mon.28.Sep.09
Concert: Tue.5.Apr.11
Concert: Sun.23.Mar.2014
  Painted Palms   Concert: Sat.10.Sep.11  
  Palaxy Tracks   Album: Cedarland
Festival Performance: South by SouthWest 2005 - Day 1
Festival Performance: South by SouthWest 2005 - Day 4
Festival Performance: SXSW06 on Thu.16.Mar
Festival Performance: SXSW06 on Fri.17.Mar
  Palo Alto   Concert: Tue.13.May.03  
  Palookaville   Concert:  Fri.21.Jan.05  
  Panteon   EP: Travel Log I  
  Paper   Album: As As
      see also: Landing, Surface of Eceyon
  Paper Champions   Concert:  Fri.4.Feb.05
Album: Weekend of Compromise
  The Paper Lions   Concert: Fri.8.Feb.02
Concert: Fri.28.Nov.02
Concert: Sat.12.July.03
Concert: Fri.22.Aug.03
  The Papercuts   Concert: Sat.01.Mar.08  
  Paperfangs   EP: AAVVAV
Album: Past Perfect

  Parade   Concert: Fri.20.Jan.06
Festival Performance: The 2006 Other Sound Festival - Day 1
7": split with Aviator
Concert: Sat.24.Mar.07
EP: Answer Me
Festival Performance: Corndogorama 2007 - Day 1
Concert: Fri.19.Oct.07
  Park Avenue Music   EP: For Your Home or Office  
  Parker, Greg   EP:  On the Break  
  Parlour   Concert: Wed.17.Apr.02  
  Parlour Tricks   Album: Parlour Tricks  
  Parlor Walls   EP: Parlor Walls  
  Parsons Rocket Project   EP: Parsons Rocket Project  
  Parts and Labor   Festival Performance: South by SouthWest 2005 - Day 4
Concert: Fri.14.Nov.08
Festival: SxSW 2011 - Wed.16.Mar.11
  Party of Helicopters   Concert: Fri.22.Aug.03  
  Past Life   EP: EP 1  
  Pedro the Lion   Concert: Sat.18.May.02  
  Peel   Festival Performance: SXSW06 on Fri.17.Mar
Album:  Peel
  Peelander-Z   Concert: Sat.10.Sept.05  
  Pepper Rabbit   Concert: Sat.10.Sep.11  
  Pere Ubu   Concert: Fri.27.Sept.02
Concert: Thu.22.Sept.05
  Perfect Pussy   Album: Say Yes To Love  
  Perry, Lee Scratch   Festival Appearance: SxSW07 on Sat.17.Mar.07  
  Peter, Bjorn and John   Album: Writer's Block  
  Phillips, Britta and Dean Wareham   Album: L'avventura  
  Phoenix Nebulin   Concert: Fri.9.July.04  
  Pia Fraus   Album: After Summer  
  Picastro   Festival Appearance: SxSW07 on Fri.16.Mar.07  
  PINE*AM   Album: Pull the Rabbit Ears  
  Pinfed   Concert: Sat.31.Mar.01  
  The Pipettes   Festival Appearance: SxSW07 on Sat.17.Mar.07  
  Pistolero   Concert: Fri.8.May.09  
  Pitty Sing   Concert: Wed.1.Jun.05  
  Plaid   Album: Double Figure
Concert: Thu.4.Apr.02
  A Place to Bury Strangers   Concert: Sun.22.Feb.15
Album: Transfixiation
Album: Pinned
  The Plastic Plan   Concert: Sat.17.Jun.00
Concert: Sat.18.Aug.01
  Pleasurecraft   Album: Lost Patterns  
  Plexorjet   Album: City Under Siege  
  Plot   Single: Girly b/w Scorpio  
  Plug Spark Sanjay   Concert: Fri.26.Oct.01  
  Plunkett, Joseph and The Weight   Concert: Sat.14.Sept.02  
  Plus/Minus ( +/-)   Concert: Wed.21.May.02
Festival Performance: South by SouthWest 2005 - Day 4
Concert: Tue.7.Nov.06
Festival Appearance: SxSW07 on Sat.17.Mar.07
Concert: Sat.24.Mar.07
  Pllush   Single: Split with Sports
Album: Stranger To the Pain
  Pocket Novel Mystery   Concert: Wed.9.Feb.05  
  The Pogues   Concert: Mon.09.Mar.09  
  POiNT   Compilation appearance:  Extrunax Records Sampler  
  Pointy Shoe Factory   Concert: Thu.19.Dec.02  
  The Polar Dunes   Concert: Fri.11.Jun.10  
  Polestar   EP: Camplex  
  Polvo   Concert: Fri.5.Dec.08  
  The Polyphonic Spree   Concert: Fri.4.Oct.02  
  Pomegranates   Concert: Tue.27.Oct.09  
  Pontiak   Festival: SxSW 2011 - Fri.18.Mar.11  
  Pony Girl   Album: Laff It Off  
  Ponytail   EP: Kamehameha  
  Poptone   Album: Poptone  
  Porcelain Raft   Album: Strange Weekends  
  Port-Royal   Album: Flares
Album: Afraid To Dance
EP: Honved
Remix Album: Flared Up
Split Album: Magnitogorsk (with Absent Without Leave)
Dowload: Balding Generation (Losing Hair As We
                Lose Hope)
  Portal   Remix collection: Remixes
Appearance as remixer: Source:Remix
Split album: Split
Album: Promise
Collaboration: EP (with Schengen)
Compilation appearance: Flow
Album: Waves and Echoes
EP: Options
  Poss, Robert   Album: Distortion is Truth
Album: Crossing Casco Bay
  The Possibilities   Concert: Sat.11.Aug.01
Concert: Sat.02.Feb.02
Album: Way Out
Concert: Sat.28.Sept.02
  The Post   Album: In the Event of Tomorrow  
  The Postal Service   Album: Give Up  
  Poster Children   EP: On the Offensive  
  Potomac Accord   Concert: Sat.18.Aug.01
Concert: Sat.26.Jan.02
Festival: IG02 on Sat.3.Aug.02
Album: Silver Line on a Black Sea
Album: In One-hundred Years the Prize will be Forgotten
Concert: Sat.4.June.05
  PPR   Album: Diarrhea  
  The Preakness   Festival Performance: Corndog-o-rama 2006, day 2
Festival Appearance: The 2006 Other Sound Festival - Day 2
Festival Performance: Corndogorama 2007, day 2
Concert: Fri.28.Mar.08
Concert: Mon.1.Dec.08
  PRECUBED   Festival: Secret Stages 2015 on Sat.1.Aug.2015  
  Pretty Vacant   Concert: Fri.3.Nov.00  
  The Prids   Album: ... Until the World Is Beautiful  
  Priestess   Concert: Sat.8.Apr.06  
  The Prima Donnas   Album: Drugs Sex and Discotheques  
  Primal Scream   Album: Exterminator  
  Primitive Painter   EP: Armadillo in the Snow  
  Project Skyward   Band Information
EP: Breakthroughs
EP: Distant Blue
Album: Strange Synchronicities
  Propaghandhi   Album: Today's Empires, Tomorrow's Ashes  
  Prospecto   Concert: Fri.20.Aug.04  
  The Protectors Of   Festival Performance: Corndog-o-rama 2006, Day 3  
  Protokoll   Festival Performance: SXSW06 on Sat.18.Mar  
  Psyche Origami   Concert: Fri.17.Jan.03  
  The Psychedelic Furs   Concert: Sat.31.Mar.01
Concert: Thu.15.Nov.01
Album: Beautiful Chaos: Greatest Hits Live
Concert: Sat.29.May.10
  Psychic Hearts   Festival Performance: Corndog-o-rama 2006, day 1  
  Psychic Paramount   Concert: Thu.6.Oct.12  
  Psychic Twin   Mix: Chrome Sparks vs. Psychic Twin  
  Pub   Album: Single  
  The Puddle   Album: No Love - No Hate  
  PuMaJaW   Festival Performance: SXSW06 on Fri.17.Mar  
  The Purkinje Shift   Reunion Show: Sun.20.Dec.09
Concert: Fri.20.Jan.12
Concert: Fri.9.Aug.13
           See also: Home of the Wildcats, Moreland Audio
  Puro Instinct   Concert: Fri.30.Aug.10
EP: Pearl Harbor
7": Stilyagi b/w Medved to Bedved
  The Purrs   EP: No Particular Bar, No Particular Town
Album: The Dreams Our Stuff Is Made Of
Album: The Chemistry That Keeps Us Together
Album: Amused, Confused & More Bad News
Album: Tearing Down Paisley Garden
7": Rotting on the Vine
Album: The Boy With Astronaut Eyes
  PVT   Album: Church With No Magic  
  Q And Not U   Album: No Kill No Beep Beep
Concert: Sat.3.Feb.01
  Quantazelle     Album: Coaster
Compilation Appearance: SubVariaTrax
  Qurious     Concert: Fri.8.Feb.13
Album: Void Vanishing

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