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  T. Rex   DVD: Born to Boogie
Tribute Show: Marc Bolan: A Celebration on Sat.15.Sep.07
  Takemura, Nobukazu   Concert: Thu.24.May.01
Concert: Thu.4.Apr.02
  Taking Pictures   Album: Friends Are Ghosts  
  Talk   Album:  Reset Start Again  
  Tall Tall Trees   Album: Freedays  
  Tamaryn   Album: The Waves
Album: Tender New Signs
Album: Dreaming the Dark
  Tammany Hall Machine   Album:  Tammany Hall Machine
Festival Appearance: SxSW07 on Wed.14.Mar.07
  Tanakh   Album: Villa Claustrophobia
Album: Dieu Deuil
  Tankian, Serj   Concert: Sat.20.Oct.07
Concert: Mon.11.Feb.08
  Tape Deck Mountain   EP: Secret Serf
7": Is And Always Was Daniel Johnston's Delay Pedal
  Taylor and the Puffs   Album:  You Know That Summers Comin'  
    Album: If that is what is being thought, liberated sound talks the depth of [musical] world  
  Tealights   Concert: Thu.6.Aug.09
EP: Take Us By Sea
      see also: One Hand Loves the Other
  Team Emu   Conference Performance: Atlantis 2004  
  Tears Run Rings   Album: Distance  
  Teen Wheat   Concert: Thu.23.Oct.03
Festival Set: Corndog-o-rama 04 (with photos)
Concert: Thu.22.July.04
  Teenage Meth Lab   Festival Appearance: Corndogorama 2005, Day 4 on

          see also: Paper Lions
  Teeth & Tongue   Album: Give Up On Your Health  
  Tegh and Kamyar Tavakoli   EP: Through the Winter Woods  
  Telefon Tel Aviv   Album: Immolate Yourself  
  Telefuzz   Album: Sleep  
  Telegram   Concert: Fri.18.Jul.03
Album: Telegram
  Televise   EP:  Sometimes Splendid Confusion
Appearance as Remixer: Flared Up
  Television   Concert: Thu.23.Jun.05  
  Temple, Luke   EP: Luke Temple  
  Eddie Ten Pole   Concert: Sat.5.Jun.10  
  Tendaberry   Concert: Fri.8.May.09  
  Tenement Halls   Album: Knitting Needles and Bicycle Bells
     see also: The Rock*a*Teens
  Tennis   Album: Young & Old  
  Tenth to the Moon   Concert: Sat.18.Jan.03
Concert: Thu.3.Mar.05
Festival Appearance: Corndogorama 2005, Day 3 on

Festival Appearance: Corndogorama 2008, Day 1 on

Concert: Thu.7.Aug.08
Concert: Fri.14.Nov.08
  Tentonic   Concert: Fri.3.Mar.06
Concert: Sat.1.Sep.07
  Tex La Homa   Album: If Just Today Were To Be My Entire Life  
  Textile Ranch   EP: Split EP (with Charles Atlas)  
  The The   Concert: Sat.27.May.00
Compilation: 45RPM: The Singles of The The
  Thee Crucials  

Concert: Fri.21.Jul.06
Concert: Fri.5.Apr.07
Festival Appearance: Corndogorama 2008, Day 1 on

  Thee Michelle Gun Elephant   Album: Gear Blues
Compilation: Collection
  Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra and Tra-la-la Band   Concert: Sun.25.May.2008  
  Themselves   Album: The No Music
Split 7": P.U.S.H. (split release with Hood)
  The Thermals   Album: Now We Can See  
  Theta Naught with Alex Cladiero   Album: Sound Weave  
  Thinking Machines   Album: Work Tapes
Album: Exension Chords
  Third Eye Foundation   Album: Little Lost Soul  
  This Piano Plays Itself   Concert: Fri.17.Oct.08
Album: As the House ...
  Thomas, Dave and the 2 Pale Boys   Concert: Sun.31.Oct.04
     see also: Pere Ubu, Spaceheads
  Thorn1   Album: The Leave of Leaves  
  Three Fields   Album: Cambridge Blue  
  3D5SPD   Concert: Thu.18.May.00
Concert: Fri.11.Jan.02
Concert: Fri.15.Mar.02
  302 Acid   EP: Ailanthus Altissima
    See also: Gel-sol
  Through the Sparks   EP: Coin Toss
Festival Appearance: SxSW07 on Wed.14.Mar.07
  Throwdown   Concert: Tue.18.Sep.07  
  Thunderlords   EP: Noisy Songs for Noisy Kids  
  Thy Mighty Contract   Festival Appearance: Corndogorama 2008, Day 3 on

Album: Thy Mighty Contract
  Ti-Cal   Album: Coriolis
    See also: Innerrise
  Tideland   Album: Lull  
  Tiger! Tiger!   Concert: Fri.23.Mar.07  
  The Tigerlillies   EP: 123456  
  Tijuana Hercules  

Concert: Sat.4.Aug.01
Concert: Sat.16.Mar.02
Concert: Thu.18.Aug.03
Festival performance: Drive Invasion '04  
Album: Tijuana Hercules
Festival Appearance: SxSW07 on Fri.16.Mar.07
Concert: Fri.18.Nov.11
Concert: Sat.19.May.12

  Tilly and the Wall   Downloadable album: Tilly and the Wall
Festival Performance: SXSW06 on Fri.17.Mar
Festival Appearance: SxSW07 on Sat.17.Mar.07
  Tilmann, Miles   Concert: Fri.28.Sep.01
EP: Underland
12": 3D Concepts
Split 7": Sub:702
  Time. Space. Repeat.   Downloadable Album: Early Transmissions of ...  
  Times New Viking   Concert: Thu.8.Sep.11  
  Timonium   Festival Performance: South by SouthWest 2005 - Day 4  
  Tired Magic   Concert: Fri.30.Oct.2015
Concert: Fri.20.Nov.2015
  Titan Go-Kings   Festival Performance: South by SouthWest 2005 - Day 3  
  Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun   Concert: Fri.27.Oct.07
Concert: Fri.8.May.09
EP: Heavyweight Champions
Concert: Fri.25.Nov.11
Album: Wildfire
Concert: Fri.9.Mar.12
  Tolcher, Michael   Concert: Sat.23.Dec.00  
  The Tom Collins   Concert: Sat.17.Jun.00
Concert: Fri.28.Nov.02
  Tombstones In Their Eyes   EP: Fear  
  Toothless   7": EICV7" # 108  
  Tora Tora Tora   Concert: Sat.12.Nov.05
Concert: Sat.16.Jul.06
  Tortoise   Album: Standards
Concert: Thu.24.May.01
Concert: Sun.14.Feb.10
  Touching God   EP: Touching God  
  Tourmalin   Concert: Fri.2.Mar.01
Concert: Fri.20.Jul.01
  A Toys Orchestra   Album: Technicolor Dreams  
  The Track Record   EP: The Track Record  
  Trail of Dead   Album: Source Tags and Codes  
  Traindodge   Concert: Fri.10.Dec.04  
  Trances Arc   Festival Appearance: SxSW07 on Thu.15.Mar.07  
  Transglobal Underground   Album: The Stone Turntable  
  The Transmissions   EP: Green Arke  
  Traore, Boubacar   Concert: Fri.6.Jul.01  
  Treedom   Concert: Fri.8.Mar.13  
  The Trembling   EP: Seduce The Government  
  Trespassers William   EP: The Natural Order of Things  
  Treyverb   EP: A Year Without Words  
  Trial by Fire   Festival Appearance: Corndogorama 2008, Day 1 on
  Triathalon   Album: Lo Tide
Compilation: Everything Melts Eventually, Volume 1
Album: Nothing Bothers Me
Concert: Mon.11.Apr.2016
  Triptych Series
by The Music Fellowship
  Triptych Volume 1: New Found Land
Triptych Volume 2: Crickets and Fireflies
Triptych Volume 3: Conduction. Convection. Radiation.

Album: Spine and Sensory
Concert: Thu.28.Feb.02

  Turning   EP: Turning
         see also: Landing
  Tuung   Festival Performance: SXSW06 on Wed.15.Mar  
  24 Hours   Concert: Thu.22.Sept.05  
  Twin Limb   Festival: Secret Stages 2015 on Fri.31.Jul.2015
EP: Anything Is Possible And Nothing Makes Sense
  Twin Shadow   Concert: Tue.5.Apr.11  
  Twin Tigers   Festival Appearance: Corndogorama 2008, Day 2 on

Concert: Sat.20.Sep.08
EP: Curious Faces Violet Future
Concert: Sat.8.Nov.08
  Twins   Concert: Fri.9.Aug.13
Concert: Fri.05.June.2015
  Twittering Machine   Concert: Sat.26.Jan.02
Concert: Fri.30.Aug.04
  Two Cow Garage   Concert: Sat.28.Sept.02  
  Two Foot Yard   Concert: Thu.22.May.08  
  2 Minute Hate   Festival Perfomance:  at Chicks Kick Ash 5  
  The Tyde   Concert: Tue.7.Nov.06  
  Tydyl Wave   Album: Break Down the Walls  
  U2   Album: All That You Can't Leave Behind  
  UB40   Album: Who You Fighting For?  
  Ultrababyfat   Concert: Sat.28.Apr.01
Album: Eight Balls In Reverse
Festival Appearance: The 2006 Other Sound Festival - Day 2
  Unbunny   Re-release: Snow Tires  

Album: This Is Not A Film
Concert: Fri.2.Mar.01
Concert: Sat.30.Jun.01

  Underworld   Live Album: Everything, Everything
Album: 100 Days Off
Download: Pizza For Eggs
  Ungdomskulen   Concert: Wed.26.Mar.08  
  The Union   Concert: Sat.28.Sept.02  
  Univac   Concert: Tues.20.Aug.02  
  Unknown Component   Album: The Infinite Definitive  
  Untied States   Festival Appearance: Corndogorama 2005, Day 4
Festival Performance: Corndog-o-rama 2006, Day 3
Festival Performance: Corndogorama 2007, Day 2
Festival Performance: The Other Sound 2007, Day 4
Album: Instant Everything, Constant Nothing
  U.S.E.   Download/Album: United State of Electronica  
  Uzeda   Concert: Tue.8.Aug.06  
  Vagenius   Concert: Thu.20.Feb.03  
  The Val Papadins   Album:  No One Wants to Move the Piano  
  The Vandermark 5   Concert: Wed.26.Mar.03  
  Vanderslice, John   Concert: Sun.9.Mar.03
Album: Emerald City
  various artists   Compilation: Pop
Fanzine compilation: Mass Transfer Installation 05
Compilation: Bless You
Compilation: Blue Skied an' Clear
Compilation: Rough Trade 25: Stop Me If You Think
      You've Heard This One Before...

Compilation: Pop Ambient 2004
Compilation: Henhouse Studios Anthology 2004
Compilation: The Speed By Which We Fall
Compilation: Malpractice
Downloadable Compilation: Intelligent Toys 3
Compilation: Kung Fu Super Sounds
Compilation: Ambient Not Not Ambient
Compilation: A Psychedelic Guide to Monsterism Island
  Vaureen   EP: Violence  
  VCR   EP: VCR  
  Veirs, Laura   EP: Riptide
Concert:  Sun.18.May.08
  Rube Velle Trio   Concert: Fri.8.Mar.13  
  The Velvet Teen   Concert: Mon.17.Jun.02
Concert: Sat.28.Oct.07
  Ven, Ellee   Album: Funky Bohemia  
  The Venables   Concert: Fri.21.Jan.11  
  Venice is Sinking  

Festival Performance: The 2006 Other Sound Festival - Day 1
Festival Performance: SxSW09 on Wed.18.Mar.09
Album: Azar
Concert: Fri.19.Jun.09
Album: Sand & Lines
Concert: Sat.10.Jul.10
Festival: SxSW 2011 - Sat.19.Mar.11
Concert: Sat.2.Apr.11

  Veronica Falls   Single: Found Love In a Graveyard b/w Starry Eyes  
  Versus   EP: Shangri-la
Album: Hurrah
Concert: Sat.23.Sep.00
  A Very Special Episode   EP: Cut For Time  
  Via Audio   Concert:  Sun.27.Apr.08  
  Victory Hands   10": Anderson
12": Bishop
  Vincas   Concert: Fri.23.Jan.15  
  Liz Vice   Album: Save Me  
  The Virgance   Album: Paradigm 3  
  Virgin Iron   Concert: Thu.28.Oct.04  
  The Virgins   Concert:  Fri.23.May.08  
  Violet Indiana   EP: Choke
Album: Roulette
Single: Killer Eyes
EP: Special
Compilation: Casino
Single: Beyond the Furr
Album: Russian Doll
      see also: Guthrie, Robin
  Visage     Album: Hearts and Knives  
  Visuals     EP: The State of Things  
  Vissuda     Album: On the Verge  
  Voivod     Concert: Wed.10.Apr.19  
  Volcanizm     Festival Appearance: Corndogorama 2008, Day 2 on
  Voodoo Child     Album: Baby Monkey
      see also: Moby
  Vortex Park     Concert: Thu.22.May.08  
  Voyager One     Album: Afterhours in the Afterlife  

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