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  The Waco Brothers   Album: Electric Waco Chair
Concert: Fri.19.Jan.01
  Wake   Concert: Tue.3.Nov.2015  
  Waking Astronomer   Festival: Secret Stages 2015 on Fri.31.Jul.2015  
  Walking Concert   Album: Run To Be Born  
  Walleater   Single: Can You Feel My Love? / Lifeline  
  Walls   Album: Walls  
  Walsh, T.W.   Concert: Sat.18.May.02  
  Walt, Christian   Downloadable EP: After the Rain  
  Wanderjahr   Album:  Is To Disappear  
  Wareham, Dean and Britta Phillips   Album: L'avventura  
  Warning Light   Album: Further On  
  Warpaint   EP: Exquisite Corpse
Album: Warpaint
Album: Heads Up
  Washed Out   Concert: Thu.29.Apr.10  
  Water From Your Eyes   Album: Everyone's Crushed  
  The Water Lions   Concert: Fri.11.Jun.10  
  Wax Fang   Concert: Sat.20.Sep.08  
  Waxwings   Concert: Sat.14.Sept.02  
  We All Have Hooks For Hands   EP: Girls  
  We Are Scientists   Concert: Tue.19.Sept.06  
  The Weakerthans   Album: Left and Leaving
Concert: Sun.25.Aug.02
  The Wedding Present   Concert: Fri.3.Mar.06
Concert: Tue.14.Oct.08
          see also: Cinerama
  Wednesday   Album: Rat Saw God  
  Western Edges   Album: Prowess  
  Western Keys   Concert: Wed.22.Jan.03
Festival Performance: South by SouthWest 2005 - Day 4
  Weezer   Album: Weezer (the green album)
Album: Maladroit
  Gillian Welch   Album: Time (the Revelator)  
  Whalers   EP: How the Ship Goes Down  
  What Happened To Your Fire, Tiger?   Concert: Sat.18.Jul.09
Concert: Sat.23.Apr.11
EP Download: What Happened To Your Fire, Tiger?
      see also: No Dissasemble
      see also: Parade
      see also: Pistolero
      see also: Slushco
  What Made Milwaukee Famous   Album: Trying to Never Catch Up
Festival Performance: South by SouthWest 2005 - Day 4
Concert: Thu.11.Sep.08
  What The   Album: What The ... ?  
  The Whigs   Concert: Tues.28.Oct.03  
  White Hills   Concert: Fri.21.June.2013  
  White Lies   Concert: Sat.21.May.11  
  The White Lights   Concert: Fri.8.Dec.00
Concert: Sat.4.Aug.01
Concert: Sat.18.Jan.03
Album: Gifts From Strangers
  The White Stripes   Album: White Blood Cells  
  Whole Wheat Bread   Concert: Tues.15.Nov.05  
  Why the Wires   Albm: Flame Failures  
  Wild Moth   Concert: Fri.20.Nov.2015
Album: Inhibitor
  Wild Swans   Concert: Thu.23.Jul.09
Concert: Fri.24.Jul.09
7": Liquid Mercury

Concert: Sat.11.Jun.11
  Wild Sweet Orange   Concert: Thu.11.Sep.08
Album: We Have Cause to be Uneasy
  Willaims, Dar   Album: Promised Land  
  Williams, Kebbi   Concert: Sat.18.Aug.2012  
  Wilson-Piper, Marty   Album: Hanging Out In Heaven  
  The Wind-up Bird   Triptych appearance: Conduction. Convection. Radiation.  
  Windy And Carl  

Album: Consciousness
Concert: Wed.23.Apr.03
Concert: Sat.2.May.09
Download: IsolatedMix98

  Wing and Hollow   EP: Frozen Trees  
  A Winged Victory for the Sullen   Album: A Winged Victory for the Sullen  
  The Winter Sounds   Festival Performance: Corndogorama 2007, day 2
Festival Performance: SxSW 2009, Day 3
Album: Church of the Haunted South
  Wire   EP: Read & Burn 01
Concert: Sat.21.Sept.02
EP: Read & Burn 02
Album:  Send
Tribute Compilation: A Houseguest's Wish
Concert: Tue.29.Apr.08
Concert: Sat.3.May.08
Concert: Sun.12.Oct.08
  Wires Under Tension   Festival: SxSW 2011 - Sat.19.Mar.11  
  Witchman   Concert: Sat.14.Apr.01  
  WL   Album: Light Years  
  The Woggles  

Concert: Wed.5.Jul.01
Concert: Mon.31.Dec.01


Amy Aileen Wood

Album: The Heartening

  Jen Wood   Album: Finds You In Love  
  The Wooden Birds   Festival: SxSW 2011 - Thu.17.Mar.11  
  Women's Work   Concert: Sat.19.May.12  
  Wormrot   Album: Abuse  
  Worriedaboutsatan   Album: Arrivals
Album: Crystalline
  Wrench, David   Concert: Tue.14.Dec.10  
  Wright, Shannon   Concert: Thu.9.Nov.00
Festival: IG02 on Sat.3.Aug.02
Concert: Tue.31.Dec.02
  Wye Oak   Album: Civilian
Concert: Wed.21.May.14
Album: Tween
  Wynn, Steve   Concert: Mon.15.Apr.02  
  The xx   Album: Coexist  
  Xinlisupreme   Download: Zouave's Blue  
  Xiu Xiu   Festival Performance: SXSW06 on Thu.16.Mar
Concert: Sat.23.Aug.08
  XTC   Album: Wasp Star  
  Y.O.U.   Festival Appearance: Corndogorama 2005, Day 2 on
  Yalls   7": Fantasy  
  Susumu Yokota   Album: Mother  
  Year of No Light   Album: Ausserwelt  
  The Year Zero   EP: 3 Song EP
Album: Oceania, I Will Return
  Yeesh   Album: Confirmation Bias  
  Yellow6   Appearance as remixer: Remixes
EP: Decay:Repeat
Album: Lake:Desert
Remix collection: Source: Remix
Split album: Split
Compilation appearance: Mass Transfer Installation:05
Tryptych appearance: New Found Land
Album: Disappear Here
Compilation appearance: Flow
Compilation: The Beautiful Season Has Past
Album: Painted Sky
Album: When the Leaves Fall Like Snow
  Yob   Concert: Wed.20.June.2018
Album: Our Raw Heart
Concert: Wed.10.Apr.19
  Yokota, Susumo   Album: Mother
EP: A Flower White
  Yo La Tengo   Concert: Sat.23.Sep.00  
  Yoria, Arthur   Album:  I'll Be Here Awake  
  You Am I   Festival Appearance: SxSW07 on Fri.16.Mar.07  
  Young American Primitive   Album: Young American Primitive  
  The Young Antiques  

Album: On A Beach On A Mountain
Album: Wardrobe For A Jet Weekend
Concert: Sat.3.Feb.01
Concert: Fri.9.Nov.01
Concert: Sat.26.Oct.02
Album: Clockworker
    See also: Rainey, Blake

  Young Fresh Fellows   Album: Because We Hate You  
  The Young Knives   Concert: Wed.26.Mar.08  
  The Young Offenders Institute   Festival: D Percussion 2005  
  Young Widows   Album: Easy Pain
Concert: Fri.30.Oct.2015
  Your 33 Black Angels   Album: Eternities 1  
  Your Ten Mofo   Album: Things Change While Helium Listen to Everyone  
  The Youth Class   Album:  This Is What I Remember  
  Yuck   Album: Stranger Things
Concert: Sat.12.Mar.2016
  The Yum Yum Tree   Album: Paint By Numbers
Concert: Fri.08.Feb.08
  Yume Bitsu   Album: Auspicious Winds
      see also: Surface of Eceyon
  Yurt     EP: I'm Gonna Yurt  
  Yvat     EP: Chroma  
  Zapen, Rebecca     Album: Japanese Bathhouse  
  Zaza     Concert: Sun.03.May.09  
  Zelazny, Roger     Download: Deus Irae by Mystified  
  Zero State     Concert:  Sat.4.Dec.04  
  Zola Jese     Album: Conatus  
  The Zom Zoms     EP: One Brain
Album: Yellow Rainbow
  Zuzek, Shawn     Concert: Fri.9.Mar.12  
  Zykos     Concert: Sat.2.Oct.04  
  Zzzz     Festival Performance: South by SouthWest 2005 - Day 3  


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