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  D-W/L-SS   7": split 7" with JBe
          see also: Sonic Youth
  Da Davo, Dirk   Album: Backyard  
  Dälek   Concert: Thu.30.Nov.00
Album: From the Filthy Tounges of Gods and Griots
Concert: Thu.17.Feb.05
Album: Absence
Collaborative 12": Spiegel im Spiegel (with My Education)
Concert: Tue.3.Nov.2015
Album: Asphalt for Eden
  D'Allessandro, Dina   Album: Is It Safe?  
  Damage   Album: Velocity  
  Damiak   Album: Micalavera  
  The Damned   Concert: Sat.5.Jun.10  
  Damon & Naomi   Album: Damon & Naomi with Ghost
Compilation: The Sub Pop Years (1995 - 2002)
  Dang Dang Dang   Festival Set: Corndog-o-rama 04
Festival Performance: Corndogorama 2007, day 3
  The Dark Beaks   Album: Spill Your Heart  
  Dark Captain
(Light Captain)

EP:  Circles
7": Jealous Enemies b/w Summer
Album: Miracle Kicker
EP: Remix EP
Album: Dead Legs & Alibis

  Dark Room   Concert: Sat.18.Aug.2012  
  Darkroom   Album: Some of These Numbers Mean Something  
  Darkstar   Album: North  
  DateMontYear   Single: March b/w Numbers  
  Datura Dream Deferred   MP3: Space Melody Purity  
  Davis, Kahle   Concert: Fri.15.Feb.02  
  Day Mars Ray   Festival Appearance: Corndogorama 2005, Day 3 on

            see also: American Dream, 3D5SPD
  The Daysleepers   Album: Drowned In a Sea Of Sound  
  Deacon, Dan   Album: Spiderman of the Rings  
  Dead Balloons   Festival: Secret Stages 2015 on Fri.31.Jul.2015  
  Dead Confederate   Concert: Sat.20.Sep.08  
  Dead Guitars   Album: Airplanes  
  The Dead Kennedys   Concert: Sun.7.Apr.02  
  Dead Leaf Echo   EP: Faint Violet Whiff
EP: True.Deep.Sleeper
  Dead Meadow   Concert: Sat.8.Apr.06  
  Dead Rock West   Concert: Sun.5.Aug.07  
  The Dead Sea   Album: The Dead Sea  
  Dead 60s   Concert: 15.Aug.06
Album: The Dead 60s
  Dead Stars   Album: Slumber  
  Dean, Dave   Concert: Fri.15.Aug.03  
  The Dearly Bereft   EP: Funeral Music  
  The Dears  

7":  We Can Have It b/w Summer of Protest
Concert: Sat.18.June.05
7": Lost in the Plot b/w Heartless Romantic
7": Ticket to Immortality b/w The Highest

Festival: SxSW 2007 - Thu.15.Mar.07
Festival: SxSW 2011 - Fri.18.Mar.11

  Death Cab For Cutie   Album: We Have the Facts and We're Voting Yes
Album: Photo Album
Concert: Sun.10.Mar.02
  A Death Cinematic   Album: A Parable On The Aporia Of Vengeance And The Beauty Of Impenetrable Sadness  
  Death Kit   EP: Devadesi  
  The Death Set   EP: To  
  The Deathray Davies  

Concert: Thu.20.Sep.01
Concert: Wed.20.Mar.02
Album: The Day of the Ray
Concert: Thu.19.Dec.02
Concert: Thu.27.Mar.03
Album: Midnight at the Black Nail Polish Factory
Concert: Tues.28.Nov.03
Festival Performance: South by SouthWest 2005 - Day 2
Album: The Kick and the Snare

  The Decemberists   Concert: Wed.3.Jun.09  
  Decibully   Festival Performance: South by SouthWest 2005 - Day 3  
  The Declining Winter   Album: Haunt the Upper Hallways
Concert: Sat.13.Feb.10
  Deena   Album: Somewhere In Blue
Album: Rock River
  Deerhunter   Concert: Mon.8.Nov.04
Concert: Thu.17.Feb.05
Festival Appearance: Corndogorama 2005, Day 3 on

Album: Monomania
  DeLorenzo, P. A.   Concert: Sun.11.Nov.12  
  The Delta Routine   Album: Cigarettes and Caffeine Nightmares  
  Deku   Concert: Fri.06.Apr.12
EP: Beginner's Luck
  De La Mancha   EP: De La Mancha  
  Delany, Samuel R.   Download: Dhalgren by Dick Richards  
  Delerium   Album: Poem  
  The Delgados   Album: The Great Eastern  
  Delicate Cutters   Album: Ring  
  The Delta Mirror   Remix Download Compilation: Machines that Listened  
  Denali   Concert: Sun.25.Aug.02  
  The Departure   Concert:  Sun.23.Jan.05  
  Departure Lounge   Album: ... Out Of There
Album: Jetlag Dreams
Concert: Wed.13.Apr.02
  The Depreciation Guild   Concert: Mon.28.Sep.09  
  The Desert Fathers   Album: Spirituality
       see also: The Forms
  Dessin Bizarre   EP: Air Frais  
  Destroyer   Album: This Night  
  The Devics   Concert: Sun.31.Mar.02
7": Red Morning b/w Sunny
Album: The Stars at Saint Andrea
  Devour   Concert: Sat.6.Nov.04  
  Dewey, Lisa and the Lotus Life   Concert: Fri.23.Sept.04  
  Diamond Gloss   Album: Bears  
  DiCaprio   Album: I Went To the Mall Yesterday And I Got Sick  
  Dick, Philip K.  

Movie: Minority Report
Download: Deus Irae by Mystified

  The Difference Machine   Single: Futuristic Blast  
  Diffuser   Album: Injury Loves Melody  
  Dig Your Hole   Festival Performance: Corndogorama 2007, day 3  
  Dikembe   7": split with The Jazz June  
  Dillinger 4   Album: Situationist Comedy  
  Dinosaur Jr.   Concert: Sat.8.Apr.06  
  The Dirty Royals   EP: Obsessed America  
  The Dirty Three   Albums: Whatever You Love, You Are
Album: She Has No Strings Apollo
          see also: Ellis, Warren
  Disappears   Concert: Sun.14.Feb.10
Album: Guider
  The Dishwashers   7":  Frankenstein is Tired b/w Monsters Are In My Closet  
  The Dismemberment Plan  

Band Review, including Evaluated Discography.
Concert: Thu.18.May.00
Concert: Thu.30.Nov.00
Concert: Fri.19.Jan.01
Concert: Sun.20.May.01
Split EP: with Juno
Album: Change
Concert: Fri.7.Dec.01
Concert: Sun.10.Mar.02
Farewell Concert: Fri.11.July.03

  Dixie Witch   Concert: Sat.12.Jan.02  
  DJ Leb-Laze   Concert: Fri.16.Sept.05  
  DJ Me DJ You   Album: Can You See the Music  
  DJ Santo and Tikihutt   Concert: Sat.6.Apr.02  
  DJ Spooky   Concert: Fri.17.Jan.03  
  Djini Brown   Concert: Fri.17.Jan.03  
  DNTel   Album: Life Is Full Of Possibilities
Concert: Wed.27.Mar.02
  Do It To Julia   Concert: Sat.2.Apr.11  
  Do Make Say Think   Album:Goodbye Enemy Airship The Landlord Is Dead
Album: & Yet & Yet
Album: Winter Hymn Country Hymn Secret Hymn
Concert: Tues.5.Oct.04
Album: You, You're a History In Rust
  Do the Robot   Album: Amp on Fire  
  The Dodos   Concert: Thu.8.Sep.11  
  Dogs   Concert: Thu.24.Mar.05  
  Dominant Legs   Album: Invitation
Concert: Fri.07.Oct.11
      see also: Magic Bullets
  Dondero, David   Concert: Fri.22.Jul.11  
  Dr. Know   Concert: Sun.7.Apr.02  
  Dave Doobinin   Festival Appearance: The 2006 Other Sound Festival - Day 3  
  Dorena   Album: Holofon  
  The Dot Commies   Concert: Fri.21.May.01  
  The Doves   Album: Lost Souls  
  Dove, Jason   Album: Pronto  
  Dowsing   7": split 7" with Annabel  
  Dream Into Dust   Album: The Lathe of Heaven  
  Dreamboat   Album: Dreamboat  
  Dreamend   Split album: with Monster Movie  
  Dreamers of the Ghetto   Album: Enemy/Lover  
  Dreams of Tall Buildings   EP: Remember the Words  
  Dressed In Wires   Album:  Behold My Mighty Star
Compilation appearance:  Extrunax Records Sampler
EP: The Big Black Cock of Death
Album: Bring The Exhibits, Part The Second of Four: Golden The
            Ship Was - Oh! Oh! Oh
  Dressy Bessy   Concert: Wed.20.Mar.02  
  The Drive-by Truckers   Albums: Alabama Ass Whuppin'
Concert: Fri.24.Nov.00
Concert: Sat.30.Dec.00
Concert: Sat.20.Jul.01
Concert: Sat.27.Jul.01
Concert: Sat.02.Mar.02
Album: The Dirty South
    See also: Isbell, Jason
  Drivin N Cryin   Concert: Fri.24.Nov.00  
  Dropsonic   Concert: Thu.8.Feb.01
Concert: Fri.10.Dec.04
  Droves   Festival: Secret Stages 2015 on Sat.1.Aug.2015  
  Drug Couple   EP: Choose Your Own Apocalypse  
  Dry the River   Festival: SxSW 2011 - Wed.16.Mar.11
Festival: SxSW 2011 - Sat.19.Mar.11
EP: Bible Belt
Album: Shallow Bed
  Duende   Concert: Fri.4.Jan.13  
  Duran Duran   Concert: Mon.4.Apr.11  
  The Durutti Column   Festival: D Percussion 2005  
  Dying Machines   Album: What I Have Not Forgotten
Album: You
  Dykehouse   7": Chainsmoking b/w F.Y.D.  
  Dynah   Album: 0100010001011001010011100100000101001000  
  Dyrdin   Album: Dyrdin  

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