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The 7 Sponge Rating Standard for Concert Reviews


The details of this Rating System have been composed by Tracers . This is a good thing, since she does the bulk of the Concert Reviews at any rate.

Also, you might notice that EvilSponge provides at least three seperate ratings for each show. These are:

  • Performance (in some cases broken down by band)
  • Sound
  • Overall

The performance rating refers to the overall actions of the band and includes stage presence, energy, and overall music ability. The sound rating refers to how well the band sounded. This is necessarily influenced by the quality fo the sound system at the Venue. The overall rating combines both aspects to provide a clear picture of how fun the show was as a whole.



One Sponge: These people sucked. I threw beer bottles and slashed their tires.



Two Sponges: If you are a true fan of the artist/genre, then maybe. Most people would fall asleep.



Three Sponges: Not bad, but not really great either. The masses of bands that occupy the middle range.



Four Sponges: An above average performance, but not one that was great. Perhaps this was an excellent band having a bad night. Or a mediocre band who played their best show. Brendan would chance seeing these people again.



Five Sponges: A really fine performance. These people have some talent.



Six Sponges: A near perfect performance. The artist played their heart out, and the songs were good. However, something minor was wrong. Perhaps the artist ALWAYS plays this exact set. Or perhaps it was woefully short. Or maybe the sound was poor. It could have been better, but not much.



Seven Sponges: What, you weren't there? Well, obviously i'm cooler than you since i saw this, one of the finest shows ever. Ha ha ha!



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