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  DEAD 60s w/ Camera  
  Central Station  
  Wrexham, UK  
Reviewed by:
  Indoor Miner  
Photography by:
  Indoor Miner  
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It seems like a while since I was last at the excellent local Central Station, but things got off to a good start. Camera opened strongly with a number that featured a guitar line reminiscent of Heroes and a lovely crisp bassline. So far so good, but I've seen a number of local bands that have opened strongly and then faded badly, so I was interested to hear what the rest of the set was like. And it was pretty good - the singer has a fine voice that brought Tim Buckley to mind (with a touch of Thom Yorke thrown in) with a nice line in the falsetto department and there were some neat harmonies. The material wasn't always my cup of tea, but they definitely have potential.

Camera's vocalist.

Liverpool band The Dead 60's were great though. Their records hadn't really prepared me for how hard, thrashy, and loud they were at times. They were several numbers in before the ska sound I associate them with got a real look, with the drums coming on all Tommy Gun and the bass pretty PIL-like. But when the guitarist, Ben Gordon, put down his instrument and started on the organ we were firmly in Ghost Town territory.

The vocalist in The Dead 60s.

The reggae numbers were all dubby and amazingly authentic sounding with the rhythm section of Charlie Turner (bass) and Bryan Johnson (drums) holding it together beautifully like some scouse Sly & Robbie. Perhaps more surprisingly, there was also one moment when, with singer Matt McManamon dancing around as he hit his cowbell and Gordon slashing away at his guitar, it all sounded very Gang of Four. The former single, Riot Radio, was an obvious highlight, whilst new song Stand Up had the three front men joining in the vocals on a Clash type number. It wasn't their best song of the night for me, but it could have hit potential.

McManamon of The Dead 60s.

This was a high energy performance, not least from McManamon, their engaging frontman who has a fine set of tonsils and an almost manic stare. They ended with a lively version of the wonderful Gangsters-like Ghostfaced Killer which capped off a fine performance and a hugely enjoyable night. Impressed.

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