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  The Loft  

Midtown Atlanta, GA

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Despite the location, The Loft is actually a pretty cool venue. I like the layout. It's very wide, and if you want to catch the band off to the side, it's a very intimate experience. If they need to, I think they can expand the size of the floor (there is a curtain that can be drawn back, revealing all that IKEA furniture that they have images of on the website).

I enjoyed the New York's French Kicks, the first act to go on. They were pretty good. The band features really bright, flashy percussion, chorusing vocal backgrounds, twinkling guitar, and sharp keyboards. There is an almost Beatles' style cadence that protrudes. I say this rarely, but in this instance I can hear it. They have a very swelling sound that really cuts through live. It was very exciting. They put on a great show, and I'm interested in seeing them again, and scouting out their albums. Apparently, the singer used to play the drums as well. This has to be a new dynamic. I'm sure the band has found this to be a concrete formula, as evidenced with this performance.

The Futureheads came on, and I couldn't help but notice how lame the drummer was. Jesus Christ man, he seemed to be in a real pissy mood. He had a very disappointed look on his face the whole show. There was one percussion flurry during a song from their first album, but that was it. I am sorry that we, as the collective community of Atlanta, suck. That's how I felt. But the rest of the band played on, not to be dissuaded by singer Barry Hyde's little drummer brother Dave. They rocked. Perhaps Dave was a little off that night, but the band otherwise did well.

It would probably be safe to say that The Futureheads are more popular across the pond because the popular music scene there generally has better taste. The sound is angular, loud, and forceful. Dueling lead vocals and brash percussion are some characteristics of the band. Jesus, those guys have some pipes! However, on their sophomore LP, News and Tributes, The Futureheads have calmed way down. They were great before, but now they've honed the songwriting and have created a more somber album. The show was not notably less energetic than when I saw them a year ago, but there was definitely a lighter tone on the tracks from the new album, which came out about 2 weeks before I saw this show.

One thing that was a bit surprising was that it appeared that they've scaled down their light show. I remember it clearly from last year, but didn't see much this time. I know that sounds silly, very silly in fact, but it was a nice touch to the band before. It could have been the venue's choice. Whatever. It was still a decent performance.

I feel sorry for bands sometime, when it looks like they're bored or completely in pain when playing on the stage. But I say, dammit man! You're being paid to sit around most of the time and sleep. It must be grueling. I'll take that shit any day of the week instead of what I do for a living. So, for the grumpy drummer, The Futureheads, deserve a 1 point deduction on performance. Not a big deal, but a little unappreciated. Again, it was a good show. A little disappointing, but not so much that I'll miss them next time.

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