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  The First Annual Independent Georgia Music, Film, and Art Festival  
  Wednesday.1.August through Sunday.4.August 2002  
Overall Rating:
Brendan's Prelude:

This year musicians, artists, and filmmakers in Atlanta tried a bold new experiment: throw a festival wherein bands could play, art could be exhibited, and films shown. Maximum exposure for all artists, and a convenient grouping for fans.

And thus was born The Independent Georgia Festival, dubbed IG for brevity's sake.

The festival was held all across Atlanta... well, all across... well, at several venues. The event opened at the Eyedrum Art Gallery, and ended there as well.

But the bulk of the actual music part occured in East Atlanta, a part of town which conviently already has two established venues along with a plethora of bars and clubs in which bands could be placed.

And art could be exhibited in those same clubs, to be looked at while the bands were performing. And films could be shown in the clubs... Plus, East Atlanta is EvilSponge's "home turf", a fact which no doubt greatly influenced the placement of the festival.

And thus it was that at the very beginning of August i sent my Minions off to explore the wonders of independent art in Georgia. And here are their thoughts on this event.

It might make sense to read them in the order i have them listed here, starting with PostLibyan's chronological recounting of events, proceeding to Brillo's thoughts on the two nights she was present, and the wrapping things up with Tracer's overall critical analysis. However, it is really up to you.

Day 1:
Brillo's Thoughts
Day 2:
Brillo's thoughts
Day 3:
The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly



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