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  Faith Kleppinger, The Hots, A Fir Ju-Well, Sharks & Minnows  
  The Gravity Pub and The Earl  
  East Atlanta, GA  
Reviewed by:

We show up about 40 minutes late at the first venue and still are able to catch the last 15 minutes of the first act's 30 minute set. This set the tone for the weekend in the sense that it was mathematically confusing keeping track of the schedule, and nothing ran on time.

Sigh. What the heck is it with the people in East ATL? Why can't anything run on time? I mean: is planning and coordinating really so damned hard for these people? I don't get it. I am also curious as to how things work in Europe. I know that there is a music festival every other day during the summer months in the UK alone: do all of them run so terribly off schedule? If not -- how do the Brits keep things running on schedule??? Whatever -- but the East ATL slackers need to get their shit together.....

Okay, so: that first act was Faith Kleppinger, who does pleasant enough folk music. But she was, unfortunately, performing live in the 5th Circle of HELL! (That's where it gets hot, for those of you who don't know your Dante.) Yeah, the basement of The Gravity Pub is an unventilated concrete room with The Open Fires of Eternal Damnation glowing just on the other side of the wall. I think i lost 5 pounds in sweat just watching Faith perform, and i was trying my hardest NOT to move at all.

That venue was another bummer of the whole festival.

So, after the sweltering heat, we Minions fled to cooler climes. Heck, the 90 degree temperatures outside felt nice by comparision. We fled to The Earl, where Sweetwater had set up a Rube Goldberg Contraption consisting of a box on stilts, a cooler, several pounds of ice, and several feet of tubing. This device dispensed draught beer in clear denial of the non-fucntional wall-mounted taps located a mere 2 feet away. And, even better, beers were $1.50 a pop.

So, we Minions stood and re-hydrated ourselves after our stay in The Fifth Cirle of Dante's Basement of The Gravity Pub, and watched The (aptly named for this evening) Hots. They did not make me cringe as much as last time. That is -- their music is now competant and not merely forumlaic. Not bad, but not inspired.

Then came A Fir Ju-Well. First off, i wanted to ask what the heck was up with that stupid name, but then i noticed that the band members were scrawny boys with long hair. Ah, i thought, it made a lot of sense when they were stoned.

I am sure that there music made a similar kind of sense. I however, was annoyed. Do people actually like this band?

Fortunately we were soon to flee back to the heat for Sharks & Minnows.

And even though it was disgusting and hot and miserable, i am glad i went to see them. They played for well over an hour and tore through the songs i like off of their albums, as well as spirited covers of Tainted Love and, of course, Hysteria. Everybody was drenched in sweat at the end of their set, but i really really enjoyed it.

Shortly thereafter, we headed back into the relatively cool 80 degree night outside and headed home: to re-hydrate and rest.

That was day 1. One oustanding performance, two okay ones, and one that sucked. And the heat! Oh, the heat....

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