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We've been going to Lenny's for years. And let's be honest: that old doublewide has been on it's last legs for the past few years. It was time for Lenny's to move, and the new space is rather charming. Here are some photos taken the second night that the new Lenny's was even open.

Lenny's is open at 11 AM for your PBR and pool related needs.

They got PBR on tap. (Or, rather, will, as there was none on the evening of The Other Sound Festival.)

There is an actual DJ room now, complete with a fire extinguisher. Just in case...

The Sound Booth is more than just an old closet now.

Thank goodness they brought the old candy machines when they moved.

Lenny's has a welcoming atmosphere.

Okay, so some of the art on the walls is a little strange...

Beer is actually delivered by the spirits of long dead inidie rockers. (Just kidding. This was a long exposure shot of the bar -- it was kind of dark in there -- and a beer delivery occured in mid-shot. I think it looks kind of neat though.)

Lenny's is, in fact, for lovers.

This is on the inside of the main door, just to remind you that Lenny's does not offer take out. Nor do they deliver. Yet.

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