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If you listen to enough music, it becomes easy to pick out not only the differences between instruments, but also the variation that occurs between vary types of the same instrument. Likewise, you can also tell the changes in pedal effects; i know for a fact PostLibyan is a big fan of the Chorus. Anyway, this is just a roundabout way of saying that in general I have a preference for the sound of a hollow body guitar.

What makes it so different? To my ears, there is an inherent echo and tremor that a pedal can't quite recreate. Notes are usually a little muddy, without the crispness you can get from your average solid body. Warm and full, the tone has few edges. In the right hands, and with the right music, the instrument just sings.

In short, there's something both haunting and haunted about a well-played hollow body. And, at this year's SXSW, we certainly saw a whole lot of them. In fact, as we encountered band after band filled with hollow body guitars, it became something of a running joke. And here are the best looking of the bunch.

Healthy White Baby


Black Lipstick

The High Violets

Lab Partners

My Were They


The Essex Green

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